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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, March 31, 2008

Water Horse & Fillet-o-Fish

Desperately seeking any movie to watch, due to expiring movie vouchers on 31st Mar, I tried my luck and queued (at least I thought of ensuing long, endless queues at TGV on weekends) for movie tickets to Water Horse : Legend of the Deep. Luck was on my side, arriving around 10.30 am on a Sunday, surprisingly the line was clear, and we were even entitled Early Bird discount (RM6 per movie) But I couldn't care less, as any show will do, as the almighty vouchers are valid for ANY movies at all, new or old, and at anytime of the day. Attractive right? ;)

Tickets? Checked. Hunger pangs? Unappeased, yet. Hmm, gotta grab a quick one, as the show's on 11.30am. Went to Baker's Cottage thinking of a quick bite, but hey! No seats la! Impossible to stand around chomping away while waiting for my fren. McD serves breakfast at this outlet in Kinta City, before 11am. Simply picked fillet-o-fish set (RM8 after tax), which came with hash brown and coffee/tea/etc. The coffee supposedly refillable, but the cup is HUGE! And it was VERY hot. Plus I was seated near the glass door, facing the sun. Talk about HOT coffee ...

Food wise? Need no review I supposed. This IS McDonald's after all. Movie? Not bad, considering I half expected the movie to bomb, due to unknown actors (at least to me) and fairytale-like setting. Won't spoil it too much, but rest assured the young ones would be satisfied. I did. =P


Anonymous said...

You mean Baker's Cottage is open in Kinta City? O.O

J2Kfm said...

yeah! guess you havent been home very long eh? ;)
loved their breads ... not as expensive as Bread Talk etc

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