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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant @ The Gardens, KL

Backdated blog la ... went to KL sometime in Feb 2008, practically a food tour. 1st stop for dinner, at around 9pm already, mind u, was this restaurant on the top floor of The Gardens, Mid Valley. Believe it or not, at this hour, on a weekday, it was FULL! We had to wait for 15 mins for a seat... Wow, talk about LATE dinner. During our wait, the queue stretched to a few more groups of ppl! Reli so nice meh? ... OK, we'll see ....

Three Cups Chicken Set (RM18.80)

The interior was nice la. Bright and inviting. But at that moment, all we could think about was FOOD! We practically made up our mind on what to order during the 15 mins wait, as they were pretty thoughful to supply us with a menu. Or it could be a set up, to tempt us with delicious array of food photos, in order to increase their revenues? Hmm ... conspiracy theory ...

Deep Fried Pork Ribs Set (RM18.80)

Skinny Fren wanted to order something else, but i read from boo_licious stating that the 3 Cups Chicken was pretty nice, so i forcefully ordered the dish for him ...muahaha... DICTATOR MODE ... Tastewise? Not bad though. The chicken was smooth, and braised deep in the sauce, supposed to contain 3 ingredients, soya sauce, sesame oil (?) and wine (?). Correct me if i'm wrong, cz i dun have a clue ... hehe .... =P

I ordered the pork ribs set. However, i didn't think highly of it. The fried pork ribs was tasty, possibly marinated with 5 spice powder? But a bit dry. They served it with lots of vege though, it's underneath the meat. One of the side dish captivated my attention, the one on the far right. I couldn't taste what it was, but the texture resembles artichoke? ... Slightly sour, spicy & chewy, it's very appetizing.

Taiwanese Sausage wrapped in Glutinous Rice

We also ordered a snack of Taiwanese sausage in Glutinous Rice, though we only got to devour it at the end of the meal, when everyone was already full. Nothing special about this, costing around RM8 i think.

Steamed Fish Set (RM16.80?)

Forgetful me ... Dunno what Fish (her name) ordered, but the fish (haha ... steamed version) was nice, none of those fishy smell, and steamed to perfection. Lightly steamed in soy sauce, her meal was light and satisfying.

Strawberry Ice (RM6.80)

For drinks, both of them ordered fruit juice, yoghurt or something like that. BAD BAD memory ... i ordered the above, VERY refreshing, not very sweet, with chunks of strawberry pieces and drizzled with strawberry sauce. Plus the vanilla ice cream, this is fabulous! But a bit too much for me, as the pork ribs set was pretty filling itself.

Verdict? MAY come back for more, provided that we do not have to stand around waiting for a seat, gazing at the 'stars' on the wall of The Gardens .....


Rarebeet said...

Thanks for dropping by! My family is from Ipoh too! I miss wan tow long and hakka meen. The food at Fong Lye is oh so good but oh so bad for the waist line!!

Min said...

I spent the morning reading your blog in the office, haha, then I came to understand why you have gained 'some' weight recently. Hehe, anyway, it's great reading ur blog, continue writing :)

J2Kfm said...

paprika : Yeah! i kinda miss Wan Tow Long too! though so near. oh within walking distance from my office is a nice hakka mee stall, which also serves amazing beef fillet and balls, will try to get to it! :)

sze min : 'SOME'? hmmm...compliment ah? hehe... ur blog was nice, but i dun understand chinese ... :( typical banana ... hehe