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Motormouth From Ipoh

Friday, March 7, 2008

Big Apple Donuts, 1Utama, KL

Sweet cravings ...

Must post a quickie today. Darn tired, but skipped work by taking pm off ... hehe... Too nice weather to give up on snoozing la... =P

To continue with KL food tour Feb 2008, i'll post some donuts pics la... Actually tried Big Apple at The Curve last year, when J.CO has not even started, i think. Stil rmbr not many ppl queue up for it, and we bought half dozen and finished them there and then. At that moment, poor kampung boy me was a fan of Dunkin Donuts, hehe, old fashioned i know, but everytime i passed by Tapah rest area i will buy at least half dozen and finished most of them during the journey! Expanding waistline ... :(

Til i tasted Big Apple, i realized that Dunkin Donuts' texture is so coarse, and not fluffy, toppings not generous, or tasty enough, and for the same price i can get Big Apple Donuts for double the satisfaction! Wow ... the cheese and almond donuts were fantastic, and i pledged to eat more donuts than ever b4 ! haha! That was when i discovered J Co, and the donuts craze continued. There was even once my mum bought 2 dozens, and we ate at Mercato Bakery-cum-Cafe, and i amazingly finished one dozen by myself!!! SUGAR OVERLOAD! NO MORE DONUTS !!!

Nice packaging

Then fast fwd to this food tour thingy, me and my fren bought tickets to watch One Missed Call at TGV, 1U, and we had some time to kill. End up buying half dozen, tot of bringing in the cinema to indulge, cz she got a hell of a giant bag.muahaha ...

But the guy said Duren Duren variety must be eaten in 3 hours! Oh, no harm let;s eat it there and then. Then we sat down, ate the Duren, then we pick another flavor, then another, til we decided, what the heck, LET'S EAT ALL OF THEM! :)

The chocolatey one is Alien Vs Predator, hehe, and interestingly tasted nice, cz the chocolate shavings were generous. Durian version was good, creamy, but sadly cold. In fact, all of them were cold and not freshly made, as the donuts here are not as fast moving as JCo's. Other flavors were forgettable, yes, even the almond white chocolate version, which paled in comparison to JCo's. Guess this time around, i won't eat anymore donuts in KL!!!! (We'll see to that ... this wkend 2nd Food Tour) haha ....



Anonymous said...

I prefer Big Apple to Jco, think Jco is sweeter. Almond donut is my favourite too!

Min said...

Hehe, food tour again, where? Will be heading down KL later, so maybe should get myself some donuts ;)

Tummythoz said...

*waves wildly* 'Alo there. TQ for dropping a comment at my blog. Waaa u lub me so much-ar? Noticed you put my link twice in your blogroll! TQ TQ.

J2Kfm said...

suwei : JCo maybe sweet but maybe cz more filling ma ... Almond is my fav too! wei, dun copycat ah!

sze min : hey! how's ur KL tour? i also went KL la, wait til i blog la ... darn lazy

tummythoz : hey! hehe, mistakenly added u 2x, maybe its hidden LUB? haha, kept em coming ya?

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