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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Famous Cafe, Ipoh

Famous Cafe's HUGE signboard
We were around Ipoh Garden & Bercham area, for work this afternoon. Not so hot day, thankfully. As i've an appt at around 2pm+ around tesco area, might as well find some place for lunch. 'Dato' (=P) suggested Fu Tien Vege Restaurant at Medan Ipoh Bistari, right behind Tesco, which serves funky vege food, most noticably their fried sang meen, and various vege sushi. Supposed popular for mango sushi, but last time i ordered Dragon Roll (or something like that), it kinda sucked.
Then we arrived at this shop, quite new i assume, as i havent seen this the last time i was here. Same row with the vege restaurant. 'Dato' tried the food here b4, and said not bad, or not nice, i forgot. haha ...

Cooling drinks (???, honey sea coconut & white fungus, honey sea coconut & longan)

Variety of drinks, quite cheap. End up we ordered the same drinks type, all 'leung sui' category. RM2.50 per glass. Taste? Cooling, not too sweet. Nice.

Curry seafood spaghetti

I ordered curry seafood spaghetti, RM8.00. The portion was HUGE! And yet i tot of ordering noodle cz feeling pretty full from FREE breakfast ma ... hehe... government personnel meeting ma... typical la... Tastewise? Not spicy, fried with curry powder, quite bland actually. Only consolation is they fried with lots of vege (even pumpkin), shrimps, squids, & fishcake.

Fried Tomyam Beehoon

'Dato' ordered this, RM4.50. Tasted better than mine, not soggy, and enough 'wok hei'. Not spicy also, comes with bean sprouts, shrimps, squids, and egg.

Pumpkin Fried Rice

If you're wondering where's the pumpkins, they are cubed and fried together with the rice. Tall gal (can i use REAL name ah? =P) ordered this (RM6.50), but claimed a bit salty. I tasted a bit, was OK, though couldn't tell the existence of pumpkins anyway.

The food comes in HUGE portion la...too huge actually. Maybe they tot 'Dato' came to garner support for upcoming election? ;) Me & Tall Gal din manage to finish ours, but 'Dato' did. Bravo!


Anonymous said...

Hey there I have added you to my blogroll

Hope I get added back too


YBrat said...

Been there before. Its a nice place to enjoy nice food. Last time ordered some snack (don't know wat yam ard), its so sweet.

Jimsi, intro more nice place to eat, ok..

J2Kfm said...

vkeong : Consider it done! ;) feel free to comment on anything at all on my blog ya?

young brat : HEY! y never tell me u got blog so long liao? who is louyea? haha ... the place is nice, airy, ambience pretty classy kopitiam style. Yam Sago?

Anonymous said...

Tat pumpkin rice is reli a bit oily n salty.Hope to see bigger cubes of pumpkin.Happy to hve lunch 2gether wf YB 'Dato'

nicole said...

Hv been at famous cafe for twice. First time really fantastic, cheap and nice. Second time, on 6/9/08, went there with families. Order 2 chicken rice and 2 toast bread. The staff is a boy with unpolite manners. We told him that we do not want breast for the chicken rice, he said "will tried his best", my hubby told him that if breast than cancel the order, but what happened? At the end of it, he sended a chicken rice with all breast. My hubby was angry and told him that we have said that if breast then we do not want the chicken rice and how's come he sended a chicken rice with only breast. With no mood, having the meals with my kids, my whole family said we won't go to this famous cafe again in pur life.Only twice. The lady boss saw this matters, but just ignore it, really disappointed with the management over there.

J2Kfm said...

nicole : after that visit, we did go another time or two. but the food just did not cut it.
my sympathy on the poor service. actually, one of the staff there was my organ teacher way back in the 80's. =)

Stanley said...

Famous cafe closed shop for good about a month ago. It's only a matter of time.

I've been there thrice. Each time the portion gets smaller. Taste nothing to shout about. Service bad to worst.

J2Kfm said...

Stanley : thanks for the notice. kinda pity seeing a double shoplot operating, yet the place is usually empty.