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Motormouth From Ipoh

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mixed Cuisine Cafe, Ipoh

Guess what? It's PORK-free ...

Iced White Coffee

Assam Seafood with Rice

Mixed Grill Set

Glutinous Rice Ball in Warm Soya Bean Milk

Due to overwhelming workload today, (doesn't happen a lot, actually, so might as well savour those moments, haha ...) we skipped breakfast, but paid the price by suffering through hunger pangs for hours. In the end, we went for lunch a bit earlier (roughly 1/2 hr only la) ,but came to the indecisive point, as usual, on where to go. Results? Same old safe choice, Mixed Cuisine, located at Padang Ipoh, Old Town. It's at the same row with Old Town Kopitiam, Ice Ice Baby, and Momo Steamboat Cafe.

I had the Mixed Grill Set (RM11.90+), came with a drink (choice:7Up, White Coffee, Honey Sea Coconut, Fruit Juice etc) & a dessert (choice:pudding, ice-cream or tang yuen in soya bean milk). Frenz had Assam Seafood Rice, Cincaru Seafood Rice, & Orange Chicken Rice (pic blurry la, so din post here, sorry?)

The last time i had the Grill, it came with beef fillet, but this time around, only chicken and lamb provided, with a chicken sausage. Oh they provide various choices for sauces, eg. Mushroom, Black Pepper, Mongolian (BEST!), Rosemary, Red Wine (add RM2) & Mint(for lamb only). I chose Rosemary today, fairly satisfactory, not too watery or salty, and went reli well with the meat. Sides of mashed potatoes, coleslaw & toasted butter garlic bread. The cincaru seafood rice was tasty, came with prawns, fish, squids, onions, petai, long beans & ladies fingers. Spicy and sour enough, but not overwhelming.Goes reli well with white rice. Assam seafood on the other hand, cannot do judgment la... tried one small tiny spoonful of gravy only ... :( Orange chicken looked nice, but not sure bout the taste. Dessert was good, warm soya bean milk, with 2 tang yuen (glutinous rice ball) stuffed with peanut, and black pearls (those used in concoction of Taiwan Bubble Tea).

Overall, meal was considered cheap, and satisfying ... then it was time to work again ... sigh.

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