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Motormouth From Ipoh

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jeram Lui Cha Rice @ GT Kopitiam, Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh

Lots of mixed reviews for this particular dish, ranging from "it's a yummy, healthy, vegetarian (nearly) delight" to "yuck, what's this greenish mushy stuff?"

Supposedly, this dish originated from the Hor Poh clan, correct me if I'm wrong, a branch of Hakka people. Serves with ample amount of crunchy finely chopped up vegetables, beans, peanuts and dried shrimps (which cancels out the vegetarian allure of this dish, hehe ...), this rice dish is served with a bowl of brimming hot green concoction, containing green tea leaves, mint leaves, and probably basil etc. Very cool way to eat lots of vege, and a substantial meal on its own. Costing Rm3.30 per serving, it is one of my favourite order when I'm feeling under the weather, ie : NOW .... :(
Therefore, to alleviate my heatiness (probably due to over indulging in fried food stuff, or that luscious peanut butter french toast courtesy of Toasy Box), i decided to order something cooling, hence, this :

"Yeung Sam Sow", certainly need help in translation la. Grown ginseng? But the cheaper variety la, nevertheless, quite soothing concoction, not too sweet nor bitter. RM1.50 only.

So, need a refreshing light meal? Forsake that carnivorous appetite, and try Lui Cha Rice (Thunder Tea Rice? =P) at GT Kopitiam, a 2 shops lot, located facing the vast parking lot next to Old Town Kopitiam at Greentown. Same row with Yeolde English Cafe.