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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pasir Pinji Fried Yong Tau Foo

Finally got a shot of the place, but sadly, no signboard in English

BIG succulent pieces of fish paste

Forgot the shop name la... but it's at a crossroad opposite another coffee shop, previously owned by the deceased Tai Kau (Big Dog), as he was fondly remembered. Last time it was under some trees, and attap roof only. Quite hot in the afternoon, but ppl thronged the stall for laksa, fried 'liew' (yongtaufoo),fried chicken Poh Lee, & refreshing array of drinks (Wan Tau Long-dunno translation la... Ai Yi Ping Jelly?)
Now they renovated, and moved into a shop with ample seats, and lots of new stalls. The rojak still stays, as is the Fried "Liew" stall, but the rest dunno where they mushroomed from.

Each piece is STILL 50cents, and fried on the spot. On weekends noon, be prepared for long queues. I chose to go earlier, roughly before 12pm, to be able to choose my fav pieces, rather than simply choosing leftovers/the same type of newly fried batches. Their fish paste is VERY tasty, and lack the typical processed fishy smell.Portion is quite generous too. You can opt for noodles/laksa to go with the Liews, but normally i dun, to save time, haha ....

Location : (If anyone needs directions, I would try to help la ... but i think its quite famous liao)
UPDATED! : It's at Jalan Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh. The opposite shop's name is Sin Seng Kee Coffee Shop.


Min said...

Hey, this shop is near to my house, but I haven't been there for ages. I think I should pay it a visit some day soon....

J2Kfm said...

sze min : yeah, it's still tasty as ever, and the price remains. maybe next time we go makan makan around Ipoh la? join Makan Clique?

Anonymous said...

Can u kindly provide me the direction ? Thanks

J2Kfm said...

sure lee, i'll try my best.
If you're from Ipoh, it'll be easier.
1)Coming from Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Selatan, i think)from Jusco direction, go straight and you'll pass Royal Golf Club onyour left, go straight til a BIG crossroads ,4-way traffic lights junction. Left is to Medan Gopeng/Simpang Pulai, right to Jalan Gopeng and pusat bandaraya. Go STRAIGHT instead, passed another traffic lights, left is to AIRPORT, but instead go straight.

2) Til you passed SMK Raja Perempuan, you'll reach another traffic lights which is climbing uphill-like. Pretty tough to maneuvre with Manual cars (haha). Go STRAIGHT again, til u reach the next traffic lights.

3) Here, turn RIGHT instead, and you'll soon come to another crossroads. The shop is to your LEFT, right at the junction. It's quite spacious. Park anywhere you like, for free.

Hope this helps!