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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Restoran Tien Chuan, Tmn Chi Liung, Klang

One fine morning, my fren decided to bring me for breakfast at some simple coffee shop around Klang. Not sure the full address though, but the garden is Taman Chi Liung, or something like that, an old area with few rows of shops, and a morning market right behind a row of shops.

He ordered nasi lemak, as many people was queueing up for this, and Malay lady was scooping HOT rice from the container. HOT nasi lemak ought to be good. Costing around RM1.80 or RM2, forgot la, it came with fried egg, ikan bilis & peanuts, and sambal. Simple, yet it worked! The sambal was not hot, but just right with enough onions and very appetizing as it was sour enough. Nice, and the main point was ... it was indeed, hot.

But the nasi lemak was just another popular dish, the main attraction of this coffee shop is .... the amazing yam rice! Or at least that was what he told me la. Haha ...

Unlike the usual one that you can order with bak kut teh, the version they sell here is slightly different. Served with the usual condiments accompanying Hokkien Mee, or prawn mee, it is no surprise the stall sells Hokkien Mee as well.

The rice is fluffy without being extra lumpy or sticky, though supplemented with generously cubed yam, which was 'powdery' (dunno how to explain la) enough, boiled mini shrimps, slices of chicken, fried shallots, and one whole boiled egg, at RM2.50 (or RM3, i couldn't rmbr again, hehe) it was a VERY affordable breakfast meal. Oh ya, the sambal chilli sauce was nothing to shout about btw.

The shop also sells chee cheong fun with yong tau foo, and a few more stalls I once again, forgot. =P .... Need directions? Will gladly help if the need arises ....


Julian Si said...

Thanks for the tip, we tried other items:-

Next time ... it has to be the NASI LEMAK and YaM RiCE :-)

Julian Si said...
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Julian Si said...

YES!! I made it in time for breakfast.. PROBABLY THE BEST Beer ... oops, YAM RICE, IN THE WORLD! Nuff said ;-)

J2Kfm said...

Julian Si : really addictive stuff eh? wow ... it's been ONE year since I've been there.

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