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Motormouth From Ipoh

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lai Foong Restaurant, Jln Tun H.S. Lee, KL

This joint famous for its beef noodles, and the previous post on Tong Kee's egg tarts, certainly earned its stripes. It was fully packed at roughly 12 plus, BEFORE lunch hour, and we had to tumpang an uncle's table. Btw, no prize for guessing what he was relishing, slurping away at his beef noodle soup.
The noodle is served with their homemade chilli sauce concoction, not too spicy, but with a tinge of sourness, and goes reli well with the meat. Serving size was sufficient, lots of noodles
(i ordered "lai fun" as I hate yellow alkaline noodles), pickled vege, spring onion, fried shallots, and pieces of beef fillet and beef balls. The meat was nothing extraordinary, but the beef balls were another story altogether! Springy, yet retains the meat texture and taste, it was reli tasty. The noodles was more springy and chewy than usual variety, and the soup was reli sweet and brimming with beef flavour. At RM5 a bowl, it was well worth the price.

Fren ordered roasted pork & char siew rice (RM5). The portion was generous. I stole a few bites, the roasted pork was nice, though not so crispy, but the char siew was even better. Not overly sweet, not oily/less fat, and more lean meat, just the way I like it. But I've a biased preference for char siew, so better not ask me to compare. Haha .... Forgot to try the rice though, but should be OK considering it did not look too soft and lumpy, and quite fragrant.
Location : The corner shop at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, directly opposite Shin Kee Beef Noodles (a competitor, and i am a fan of their dry version of beef noodles). Lai Foong is just opposite from Petaling Street Street Vendors main entrance, coming from Pudu Bus Station. Bad directions, i know... sue me ... =P


Big Boys Oven said...

Cool to stumble into your blog, great to see an Ipoh boy on foodblogging, me to from Ipoh!

J2Kfm said...

hey thanks! feel free to drop comments, constructive or destructive. can i tag u?

J2Kfm said...

hey, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, the glistening, caramelized sides of well-BBQ char siew ... Yummy! But there are a lot better ones, in Ipoh though. =P will get to them in the future ... I am an avid fan of char siew!

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