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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toast Box @ Food Republic, Pavilion, KL

Pulling some tea, Malaysian way?
Rushing to go back to Ipoh in the evening on the last day, we were left with few choices to supplement our energy drain. JCo's line was horrible, probably due to school holidays. Food Republic was half empty, therefore the choice was obvious. Tempted to try Thye Hong Fried Prawn Mee, cz I've tasted the Singapore version, and it was RELI good. The people there queue up for it, but here, it seems the buzz has not catch on. At RM7 per plate, some may find them pricey, but this IS Pavilion, mind you. Kinda pity looking at the workers wearing straw hats and standing around holding the placards (or menu) promoting their items. (Not a lot, only 3 i think)

Giant mount of butter

As it was around 4pm, might as well enjoy my well deserved tea break. Hehe ... Toastbox had some buzz, judging from the non-stop stream of people ordering. Had to be good. Quick glance of menu and my eyes were diverted to Chicken Floss Thick Toast, and French Toast with Peanut Butter. They serve set menu as well, with tea/coffee and half boiled eggs.

The waitress gave me a choice of spicy or normal chicken floss, and I opted for the former. As you can see from the pic above, they indeed showered chicken floss LIBERALLY on the toast. At RM3.00, it was well worth the price. However, the taste was fine, but fren complained quite tasteless compared to pork meat floss. NOT spicy at all though, just slightly.

The peanut butter with french toast (RM3.50) fared much better in my books. Fried with egg, the toast looked golden and not burnt. The peanut butter was smooth, creamy, nutty, and filled with chopped peanuts. Not a diet freak's choice, obviously.

I ordered Iced Milk Tea, and nice to know that the guy pulled, strained, and pulled to ensure enough froth, and smooth texture of the milk tea. VERY soothing, but a bit too sweet. RM2.80.

Overall, pretty nice place for tea break. WAY better than Old Town Kopitiam in my opinion. But that's just me, cz I had various BAD experiences in those outlets that had been mushrooming all over Ipoh, and spreading like wildfire over to other states.


Allyssa said...

You Have to try the Milo-Dinasour!!!

What cud be better than Milo with More milo on top! :p

J2Kfm said...

haha ... sadly, I'm no fan of Milo. Their milk tea is OK, not too expensive, and big, tall glass-full.

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