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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, March 3, 2008

Jack's Place, Sunway Pyramid

Yummy yummy escargots....
Lobster Bisque
Sirloin steak Oriental Style Roast Spring Chicken (i think ...)
Cream of Watercress, Garlic Bread & Escargots in Garlic, Butter & Herbs

1st official post i guess ... been checking out Jack's Place for quite some time in 1U, but everytime i planned to dine there, something cropped up, until one fine day ...

It was sometime in December, i couldn't remember the date though, (senile dementia?) ...Was at Sunway Pyramid with my bro, 'forced' to shop all day as parents had to attend a wedding lunch somewhere in Subang Jaya i think ... (once again, memory loss) ...

After checking out various specs shops, bro wanted to change his, but choosy him ended up buying none, we were exhausted and were searching frantically for a place to stuff our faces silly ... hmmm, where to start? Of course, being the cleverer half (haha, glad he doesnt know i blog), i suggested we check the directory ... which promptly left us with few choices to decide on.

He wanted Japanese, but i dun reli wan... I suggested Carl's Jr? He dunwan fast food (grr ...), after much punching & kicking, in the end i suggested Italiannies! OK, we were on our way, but guess wat? We circled the mall a few hundred rounds, but it was nowhere in sight ...sigh ... BAD directional skills ...

Then holy light of guidance shone .... we ended up walking back to the old wing entrance, and saw JACK'S PLACE!!!

There was this set lunch promo, around RM15-RM20 per set i think ... with few choices, comes with soup, dessert, and coffee/tea. Bro chose the chicken, i chose the steak. We ordered half dozen of escargots for appetizers, as we both ADORE them alot, and it's been some time since i tasted one ... half dozen for RM14. Upgraded his soup to Lobster Bisque for additional RM4.
Escargots arrived 1st with those funny looking clippers for u to hold the shells while digging in with a mini fork. Not reli fleshy morsels, but VERY tasty ... half dozen definitely not enough la ... luckily the soup arrived. Mine was nice, not too creamy/filling while his was so-so. The taste of lobster was overwhelmingly fishy for me, but the addition of bits of lobster flesh was nice. Garlic bread was forgettable.

Mains arrived. His chicken was nothing special, just plain roasted with side sauce. Forgot what it was, but i tot it was pretty tasty, but bro opted for chili sauce instead. Hmm ... My steak was medium done, not too tough, but not reli melt in mouth sensation. (For the price, i wouldn't complain). Dessert were ice cream (forgot liao), nothing special.

And that's it! my 1st successful post! so damn long la.... ;)


Anonymous said...

Eek... don't think I'll go for the Lobster Bisque since I'm not a seafood fan.

Btw, don't think there's Italianniese in Sunway leh.

J2Kfm said...

hey! yeah, the taste of the soup may put nonseafood fans off, as pretty strong fishy smell. But quite rich lo. just realised the chicken is called deep fried spring chicken with sweet chili sauce. But we refer to the board mentioning there is an Italiannie's in Sunway la. Maybe opening?