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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

K3K Kopitiam, SS15, Subang Jaya

The menu showcasing their famous snack, Homemade Plain Ketupat served with Kaya, which is actually alkaline rice dumplings ('Kan Sui Zhung')
2nd Food Tour this yr started late at night, at SS15 Subang Jaya. Initially plan to eat at Asia Cafe, but it was drizzling, which absolutely killed the open air ambience. Then we went to the tried and tested K3K (Kwai Sam Kee) Kopitiam, facing Subang Neway Karaoke. (Full add : A13, Jln SS15/4D, Subang Jaya)

Kwai Sam Milky Tea

The last time we went, there were not so many ppl, and the drinks and snacks were tasty and special. Their kaya is of the 'homemade' variety, and the menu explained the origin of the famous (supposedly) kaya from Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Back then, we tried both the bun toast, roti jala with curry chicken, and toasted white bread with butter & kaya. Even their tea and coffee was satisfying.

However, this time around, the quality dropped, DRASTICALLY. Let's start with the drink, Kwai Sam Milky (RM2.50). Not milky enough, and not smooth enough. The only consolation? SWEET. (at that moment i really craved for something sweet, after a HEAVY dinner of bah kut teh at Jalan Ipoh, a supposedly popular stall beside Hotel Dynasty. The meat & trotters were FAT! And to avoid disappointing our hosts, yes, it was a FREE meal :) i had to eat all the innards, which i dislike). But that's another story, no chance to take pic then, but those of you who stay around Jalan Ipoh might know this stall.

Yew Char Kwai with Kaya

I ordered Yew Char Kwai (Deep fried Cruellers) with kaya, as the pic in their menu shows absolutely tempting sticks drizzled generously with kaya. YUMMY! But wait, when it arrived, as above, you can imagine my disappointment. Kaya was watery, damn stingy portion, and the yew char kwai were cold, and hard. Hmm, thumbs down for this, at RM3.00 no less.

Soft Bun Toast with Kaya

Ahh ... Soft Bun Toast with Kaya (RM2.00), what could go wrong, right? Wrong! No butter sandwiched in between, only THIN layer of kaya (should've take pic of the filling, or rather, the lack of). The bread was cold, again, and texture was coarse. I had to dip it in my tea to finish my portion. But i didn't. Haha .... no, wait. Shouldn't laugh. Sigh ....

That was the supper. Disappointing dinner, and worse supper. Hmm, bad omen? We'll see to that.


Anonymous said...

don't ever eat this place..the prices are overboard but what is worse is the quality of the food will rightfully conclude that the customers are being me and J2KFM =)

J2Kfm said...

hi Terence, thanks for visiting.
yeah ... the 1st visit was good, really! but the 2nd one was downright horrible!
wont return again.

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