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Motormouth From Ipoh

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kizuna Japanese Restaurant, Ipoh

Since started working, I made a pledge to treat my family for a FEAST, once a month after receiving my pay. That promise had been kept ever since, though sometime we could not think of new places to go, resulting in simple meals in restaurants (translation : yippee! save $$)
This month, they knew about the increment in my salary, and knowing well i avoided spending any $$ for 2 whole weeks while i was in Pangkor (a lie, cz I did spent quite a lot) therefore decided to juice the pennies out of me.

While I was away toughing it out in Pangkor for the past 2 weeks, it seemed my family had been having quite some feasts, courtesy of my aunt, an experienced foodie from KL, who was down for a few days. Shucks ... Anyway, mum suggested this Japanese restaurant, that is quite near to my place, less than 5 minutes drive, right behind Tesco. Japanese food sounds fine, as Ipoh is thirsting for newer options, other than Sushi King and the like.

Grilled eel (unagi) in Teriyaki sauce (part of Sakana Bento)

In fact, this restaurant had been around for some time, more than half a year, if I'm not mistaken, and from the same management of Moritomo, a Japanese restaurant formerly situated in Kinta City Shopping Centre. We arrived pretty early, roughly 6.30pm but it was already packed. We were asked whether we booked earlier, as most of the tables were reserved for customers. Whoops. Didn't know so popular one .... Luckily, there was a table for 4, and we did not mind squeezing in a bit to accomodate a 5th soul.

Salmon, white tuna sashimi (part of Sakana Bento)

We browsed through the menu hastily, as everybody was hungry, and ended up ordering bento set for everyone. Haha, carnivorous appetite. Btw, the prices ain't cheap, but not exorbitant as well. Bento sets range from RM20 to Rm35. Bro ordered Sakana Bento set (RM32.80), which comes with grilled eel (unagi), fresh salmon, white tuna, and another unidentifiable fish sashimi, grilled mackerel (i supposed, look below) and grilled salmon (no pic, sorry). All sets come with miso soup, rice, and fruits. The unagi was perfectly grilled, not fishy at all, and not too sticky. The grilled salmon and mackerel were alright, but the award goes to the sashimi!!!!!!! Thickly sliced, fresh and succulent. Well worth the price.

Grilled mackerel (I think) (part of Sakana Bento)

Shake bento

I ordered Shake (salmon) Bento (RM26.80), for I have forsaken salmon far too long. =P The rice is topped with cooked salmon flakes and sour plum strips(?) , 3 thickly sliced fresh salmon sashimi, tenpura prawns and vege, and potato salad (yay!). The tenpura was so-so, still prefer Kampai version, though the prawns were really fresh. The salmon flakes complements the rice well, not too dry, and not too strong fishy smell. The salmon sashimi is another story altogether. VERY fresh and sweet, melt-in-mouth sensation, not chewy, and SO thick! Look pic below, and far below. Haha ... Potato salad was tasty as well.

Amazing salmon sashimi (part of Shake Bento)

Saba shio

Grandma ordered Saba (mackerel) shio set (RM15), comes with rice, miso soup, chawan mushi (steamed egg) and fruits. In the menu it is an ala carte item, at the same price, however we requested for a complete set, and the price was still the same. Hmm. Didn't bother to ask though.

Ebi tenpura

Mum ordered her permanent fixture, tenpura (wonder why most restaurants put as teMpura, as obviously in hiragana, there is no M syllabus, hmm). Ebi tenpura (RM18) comes with 5 huge pieces of prawns, and 3 pieces mixed vege. Tastewise? Same with the ones in my set. No comment.

Gyu shoga Bento

Dad ordered Gyu Shoga Bento (RM24.80), which is stir fried beef with ginger and soy sauce (I think only, cz i did not taste). Seems to be OK, comes with salmon sashimi and white tuna sashimi (not sure), tenpura, and potato salad as well.

Thick salmon sashimi

The bill came to RM140, plus 5% service charge and 5% gov tax. Quite reasonable I would say. They have quite a number of choices, for sashimi, sushi and cooked items. One interesting dish is Fugu sashimi, or the dreaded puffer fish, which requires a chef with certain 'licence' to handle, else there is a risk of toxicity. Seasonal price item though.

They have a Redemption Card promotion, RM50 for one stamping, once achieved FULL COLUMN stamping, entitled to a 10% discount! problem is that, there are 20 slots! Certainly need help in completing the whole card. Contributors will be eligible for a 10% discount meal when we reap the rewards, together. Anyone? :)

Location : 8-10, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh. To be specific, it is at the new row of shop right beside Tesco, behind the row of 3-4 floors shophouses with HUGE billboards facing Jalan Tasek.


Anonymous said...

My last visit was last year, a farewell dinner organised for me before I left for KL.

Guess the food quality still remain pretty much the same :)

J2Kfm said...

wah, brings back lots memories eh? farewell dinner. so generous of your frens. hehe ...

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Anonymous said...

Had a dinner there, for the 1st time.
The beef rice was tasteless, the cold noodles was so soft. The sushi was the worst, the fried stuff rolled in the sushi tasted very stale, cooked by the hundredth time reused oil.

Sorry to say, nothing we ordered taste appetizing, a truly disappointing experience.

Will never go back, the standard of this place is simply below par.