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Motormouth From Ipoh

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tong Kee Egg Tarts @ Lai Foong Restaurant, Jalan Tun H.S Lee, KL

Heard so much bout Tong Kee egg tarts and pastries, but never got to try them, as their shop is located somewhere around Pudu, and being a lost soul (a hungry one at that) from Ipoh, I haven't got the nerves to drive around Pudu searching for a simple egg tart. Hehe ...

We were on our rounds at Petaling Street area, searching for a good place to have our brunch, when I suggested let's have Beef Noodles at Lai Foong Restaurant. Fren mentioned that the egg tarts there are nice, i glimpsed and surprise! Tong Kee has an outlet here, inside the coffee shop. So many pastries of choice, i end up buying 2 tarts at RM1.10 each, one curry puff that was HUGE for RM1.30, and another Siew Pau for RM1.30. In case you are wondering, why the tarts looked so squished and ugly, sorry, after having the noodles and charsiew/roasted pork rice, (to be blogged later), we were quite full, and I decided to eat later. That moment arrived 7 whole hours after purchasing, translating into squished and pressed tarts inside my bag. Haha ... Though looked slightly unappetizing, and cold, and soft, i did not even bother to reheat them, as I skipped dinner and ate them instead, together with John King's egg tarts (AGAIN? ;P). I could not do justice to the pastry, but the filling was still creamy, smooth and very very tasty! Hmm, the next time i try these delights, I'll be sure to eat them while they're HOT!