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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Restoran Lam San, Sg Siput

Braised Rice with Seafood & Vege

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice

The day started fine, right until i discovered that i lost an important working file.Hmm ... searched high & low, in even my colleagues' rooms, but that darn thing just hid itself from me.
Huh, nvmla. 9.30am ... yumcha time! ;) (gov servant ma ... wat u expect?)

Went Nam Chau, my fav coffee shop in Old Town, had my reliable 'cham ping', wif toasts ... (there goes my diet regime ...) p/s: no photos la... next time maybe ...

Then we decided to go Sg Siput today (our work involves a lot of traveling, and pretty much freedom to explore the whole of Perak...hehe) for work purposes. Hmm, wonder why when we go out for work, alwiz used to 'tahan' from relieving ourselves ... (nvmla, next stop 1st la, next petrol station 1st la, dirty la, etc etc). In few more months,we will fight for the title of LARGEST bladder... anyway it was 1pm liao, time to stop work, and simply find one shop to eat.Rather, a stall named 'Restoran Lam San' on the main road, right beside Esso station.

We asked the uncle permission to use toilet, guess what he said? "Go petrol station beside la"
WAH! sure they save a lot of water per mth ...

Colleague ordered 'Wui Fan' (Braised Rice) while i opted for 'Gu Lou Yuk' (Sweet & Sour Pork Rice), mainly cz i din succeed in ordering that dish from a shop in Teluk Intan the day b4. (Imagine a CHINESE coffee shop that does not sell pork, and HALAL also...hmm, muhibah?)
Both of us ordered Iced Chinese Tea. Turned out, my rice was so-so, pork was OK, but not enough portion la... RM3.50 some more. His i dunno, cz din ask. But i got his prawns, haha! No thanks to seafood allergy, untungla eat wif him ... :)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

This was actually the place I spent my days during secondary school :D

I don't quite like the food from Lam San anymore, though it was great like eons ago... guess the newer generation didn't inherit the cooking, sigh~