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Motormouth From Ipoh

Friday, March 28, 2008

Chong Kok Kopitiam, Klang

Continuation from KL Food Tour 2nd edition, haha, as the backlog of places I've eaten remain as many, and poor old memory kept failing me often, better rush through all the old picks before turning to newer ones.

This old kopitiam has its own history, and the special thing is you can find Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc sitting on their tables, sipping the coffees and enjoying their toasts, all under one roof. How 'muhibbah' can you get?
a> Fried Beehoon and Kuey Teow with Sambal
I actually ordered nasi lemak, my personal favourite breakfast, but did not get to take photo. Why? After standing around very long for a place to sit, once we found one, i just queued up for the nasi lemak, (yes, self service one) got it, and started chomping down, completely forgetting to whip out my trusty camera phone. One of the special thing about the nasi lemak is the sambal. The right spiciness, sourness and generous anchovies and onions, it is very tasty and goes very well with the fluffy fragrant rice. In case you're wondering, the owner of the stall is a Malay lady, assisted by a Malay guy(possibly her hubby), frantically scooping hot nasi lemak from a huge bucket( pic below) and throwing various complimentary ingredients eg. ONE boiled egg, cucumber, peanuts etc.

Steamed Bread with Kaya and Butter
The fried beehoon and kuey teow with sambal, (suspect it's the same sambal from nasi lemak stall) was nothing special, but still pretty satisfactory. We ordered toast but the waitress (Malay, mind you) got it wrong and gave us steamed bread. Hmm, not really my choice, but interestingly after taking the 1st bite, I was hooked! Fluffy, soft, generously layered with butter and kaya, the bread was quite exceptional! No wonder many customers order this.

Hot Coffee

Their main selling point? The drinks. This IS a kopitiam after all. Thick coffee, aromatic, and strong, it definitely will perk your day up. However, as I'm more accustomed to the smell and taste of Ipoh white coffee, I can't agree that this version comes close. Still, NOT a bad choice.

The nasi lemak stall

The price for the food and drinks is reasonable, everything below RM2 I think. Forgot the real price la. Haha ... Oh ya, the 1st time I went, they have deep fried sweet potatoes, yams, tapioca, etc that was very cheap, roughly RM1 for 3 BIG pieces, and very tasty. But on this 2nd visit, they were not available.

Location? I have no idea. But it is at the old part of Klang town. There is a KTM station, I think. Anyone interested can get more precise directions. Just ask.


Julian Si said...

Saya mahu BAYAR DI SINI ... Will definitely check out Chong Kok, thanks for the tip :-)

J2Kfm said...

you're welcomed!
the place is the epitome of muhibah, 1Malaysia.
just have breakfast there and you'll see.

remsal said...

Why not try kopi-O instead for your next visit?
Sorry for the wrong ordering, sometimes they get mixed up when the customers too many.
For those tit-bits, it's only available during afternoon after the nasi lemak closes.

The location: No 5, Jalan Stesen, 41000 Klang. (At the opposite corner of Klang KTM Station)

Hope to see you again~ Good day!
*Chongkok Kopitiam*

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