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Motormouth From Ipoh

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Durian Puffs, Kafe Happy Meal, Jln Tun H.S. Lee, KL

After hearing so much bout this outlet which sells yummy durian cream puffs, I decided to go buy some and try. No doubt non-durian lovers will be put off by such pungent smelling innocent looking tiny puffs. But the durian beast in me was unleashed, hehe, as hey! I managed to find this place!

"Let us out! Let us out!"

Located at a junction right beside Popular Book Store, the small Kafe (?) sells more than the puffs, as they also have lots other pies and pastries, but I did not manage to look into them, as my eyes were fixed to the DURIAN PUFFS RM2.40 signs pasted all in front of the stall. =P

"MUAHAHA .... looked intimidating, don't i?"

RM2.40 will get you 4 pieces of the precious puffs, a STEAL!! The Chinese guy who sold me the puffs (suspect he is the owner) said that if I am to jalan-jalan around, basking in the hot sun, the puffs won't last after an hour! Uh-oh. I bought 2 packets cz thought wanna let my durian fanatic dad try in Ipoh. Hmm, if put in fridge can tahan few days. Oh, ok gotcha! Then the puffs got ultimate VIP 5 Star treatment, sat on my lap in the car, and when we shopped at Pavilion, they (1 box left, as i ate 1 in the car ... haha) stayed inside my bag, just so they can get FREE air-cond.

Tastewise? ABSOLUTELY ..... YUMMY! very very creamy, and they use REAL durian flesh to make the cream. How do i know? Cz after biting into them, u can c the strands of durian fibre-like material sticking out! (Din take photo of it though, as I'm sure u can imagine the look of a half-bitten puff... UGLY!)

Saved one packet to be brought home, but once again, they received the same fate as the Tong Kee egg tarts, squished and all 4 pcs stuck together. Haha .. But nothing can stop dear dad from attacking anything that resembles or smells of durian! Finger-licking goodness, he claimed.


Kent Fo said...

i like their durian puff so much...this happy meal just opposite my tuisyen center i always have tea-time there!!!hehez


J2Kfm said...

yeah, the durian puff really satisfy my cravings for durian. so fresh and creamy ...

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