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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Deja Vu? (Banana Leaf Curry Rice @ NS Curry House & Ritter Sport Chocolates from Langkawi)

Since we're on a roll here, let's review another restaurant serving banana leaf curry rice (BLR - sc's the one who coined this, not me!) in Ipoh .... but feel free to look away if BLR's not your thing. But Malaysians being Malaysians, who can say NO (!!) to heaps of white rice on a banana leaf, generously doused with curries, served with a meat of choice, and unlimited servings of vegetables. And a piece of those addictive, crunchy papadom for good measure.
Unlimited gravies, and vegetable side dishes, one can have a VERY heavy lunch and suffer the consequences. The post-lunch syndrome x 10 = Logs @ Work.
Previous experience at Samy's left us wanting for more, Mr Z & FCOE recommended this outlet on Maxwell Road in Ipoh, simply named NS Curry House, an unassuming choice given the far from city location, as well as the lack of publicity thereof. But wait, since they're foodies in their own rights (=P), we took their words for it, and ventured to this outlet one fine afternoon. (P/S : See? Mr Z/FCOE ; I'm skipping all backlogs for this post, dedicated to you guys .... hehehe ...)

The Elixir of Sin ....
The restaurant is opened from breakfast til lunch, according to Mr Z. Specializing in Indian Curry Food, they cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Needless to say, you can already safely place yours truly in the latter category, championing the rights of all carnivores all around the world ... Wait, I meant OMNIvores. =)

Dry Curry Mutton
Compared to Samy, the dishes may pale in terms of variety, but tastewise, NS did not disappoint. Excelling in fact, in aspects even Samy faltered.
The side dishes of vegetables (cabbage, long beans and snake gourd) were all tasty, without being overly salty nor bland. My personal preference was the snake gourd cooked lightly with lentils. And yes, you can ask for unlimited refills of rice and vegetables, FOC. And the compulsory curries came in a trio of steel pots, so you can either 'banjir' (flood) your rice, or practise self-constraint.

Chicken Varuval - Dry Curry Chicken
The accompanying mains of dry curry chicken and curry mutton were delicious, brimming with flavour and spices, while maintaining the freshness of the meats, yet moderately spicy. Therefore, even if you're not a fan of spicy dishes, you can be assured that you won't be breathing fire/required to be exhumed from ashes/drenching yourself with H2O in the midst of the meal.
Minor gripe? The serving size being a little on the smaller end of the scale, when compared head to head with Samy, and even Sri Asoka. But sufficient for lunch, nonetheless. And at a cheaper price too, my banana leaf set with curry mutton, and a glass of Teh Susu Lembu (Tea with Cow's Milk) amounted to only RM7.80. A paltry sum, as you're seated in an air-conditioned room, with commendable cleanliness level, and impeccable service (OKlah .... but don't expect napkins and violins).

Location : NS Curry House @ 10F, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak (Maxwell Road), 30100 Ipoh, Perak. Tel No : 019-576 7354/019-514 1004.
NS Curry House provides catering service as well, in the form of Naidu Food Catering, and serves wedding parties, buffet luncheons/dinners, birthdays, etc. Another branch (or sorts, didn't get to confirm, sorry) of theirs is at Restoran Simpang Pulai @ 808/810, Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah (Jalan Gopeng), Taman Chandan Desa, 31300 Simpang Pulai, Perak.
## Now, now .... since NS does not serve any traditional Indian sweetmeats, what's for DESSERTS then? ##

Pick. Your. Poisons.

With THAT many flavours to choose from, Ritter Sport Chocolates all the way from Germany (but of course, Motormouth can't fly that far without sponsors ..... shucks). So this time around, the loots from Langkawi consist mostly of imported Ritter Sport Chocs (3 for RM12.50), Cadbury's, etc. TWO trips to Langkawi within TWO weeks .... I'm spent, in every sense of the word!

Now here's a $$$ Million Dollar Question $$$ - What would you like to see in the upcoming post? Langkawi? Halong Bay? (been AGES, right? LOL) Ipoh? Kuala Lumpur? Kuala Sepetang (bad trip @ the wrong time!)?


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ohhh anything for blr man..

mboy said...

The "Elixir of Sin" pic was nice dude...

Little Inbox said...

If really can win a million dollar, then I'll give my answer, hehehe....LOL, I'm money face. :D

iamthewitch said...

Oh we're up for drama! Bad trip @ the wrong time sounds interesting! :P

Unknown said...

Ritter Sport chocolates.... last time when my SIL in Germany she always bring lots of this back.^o^
I think whatever the posts u going to choose will be interesting.

SimpleGirl said...

will check this out, thanks for sharing! as for your next post, i would like to see Halong Bay...

minchow said...

Oh dear! Your Elixir of sin pix is really threatening my healthy lo-carb resolve. I can feel it sliding, sliding towards Kanna's...

Bangsar-bAbE said...

What's you favourite Ritter Sport flavour?

I tried all, and can't decide between yogurt and white whole hazelnuts! =P

choi yen said...

So many chocolate sure u can't finish it ur own, can share with me?

J2Kfm said...

Joe : even selling your soul? :)
ahhaha ... another 10km run would do the trick, right?

mboy : thanks. doesnt that just make you wanna go out and grab mounts of rice and eat them with curry?!

Little Inbox : hmm .. like that also can ah? haha ... one million rupee? :)

iamthewitch : oooh ... but that one NO food pic one. cz some reason ... hehe

Food Paradise : thanks! like a compliment eh?

Simple Girl : Halong Bay? yeah .. i should get down to work liao. been so long since back, i'm forgetting details.

550ml jar of faith : u KL folks have it good! a lot of choices everywhere. we Ipoh ppl gotta make do with a handful only.

Bangsar Babe : for time being, Dark Choc, and Yoghurt is nice. but cant finish try all yet. putting on the pounds liao

mimid3vils : sure sure ... but how to post leh? :)

allie said...

Halong bay get my vote!
I just finished one whole bar of raisins & hazelnuts ritter sport last nite all by myself! :D

ck lam said...

Any particular one post from you will be good.

Rebecca Saw said...

oh my god.. tat dry mutton curry looks divine!

YilingL said...

oOOOh I love BLR! Especially the fried thingy at Nirvana Bangsar! Shioook!

J2Kfm said...

allie : wah ... you're mad. hahaha ... but i finished a bar of yoghurt, and another cornflakes within 2 days. not bad eh?

ck lam : gee, thanks. so sweet lah ...

thenomadGourmand : anything mutton's bound to taste good. :) esp done with so much spices and chillies.

YilingL : Nirvana Bangsar kinda popular huh? those fried bitter gourd right?

My Taste Heaven said...

Would like to try the dry mutton curry. Look so tasty here! If you know where I can have something like this in Penang, kind advise. Appreciate a lot!

J2Kfm said...

My Taste Heaven : hi there! in Penang? oh I'm sure there are a few (or maybe more?) BLR outlets! given the status of Penang as THE food paradise of Msia! do hop over to some of the Penang food blogs in my blogroll.

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, what an interesting trip! But I couldn't imagine no electricity during midnight! Scary, haha! But you must've eaten a lot of fresh seafood! Right? ^^

J2Kfm said...

aiks, Sugar Bean. commented on the wrong post? :)
anyway, not many seafood lah, cz damn pricey one.
anyway, in the middle of the night, it was VERY dark. going to the toilet was a problem though.

Agnes Cheong said...

Those curry looks tempting lar...drooling saliva~

Hulk said...

I will try this outlet anytime soon, coz I luv Indian Curry meal.

Boy..u r seriously good with camera. Eye for beauty. U got good sense of angle to take good pixs.

J2Kfm said...

Agnes Cheong : yeah, delicious curry huh? probably to us Malaysians, they're indispensable.

Hulk : yeah, ditto. wah ... too much praises. now hidung kembang ....hahaha... thanks.

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