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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chao Sheng Restaurant @ Pasir Bogak, Pangkor Island

Nowadays, I'm limiting myself to one post a day, for fear of running out of ideas/photos/stuff to blog about in the near future, ;)

April started off on a low note, feeling fatigued from opening boxes, and discarding hundreds and thousands of bottles, in the name of 'proper disposal' of 'important materials'. Hmm, what a waste of time, energy and effort.

Stir fried la-la in spring onion and ginger

Before my memory fails me, kindly bear with me and let me crap more on Pangkor food. Actually, not crap at all. Simply put, let me promote the ONLY chinese seafood restaurant that I went during the whole 2 weeks ordeal. Yeah, pitiful, but with meals being served SIX times a day, how to resist hotel food eh?

Deep Fried Squids

This restaurant, Chao Sheng (hope I get the name right, as I've forgotten to take any shot of the shop at all), belongs to a fren's uncle. This fren of ours was involved in this 2 weeks course, therefore bringing him along certainly favours us, as we can be assured of quality and fresh seafood, and discount privileges, while his uncle benefited from a bunch of hungry devils (all 23 of us!)

Steamed white snapper Teochew style

We left all the ordering to the obedient nephew (hehe), and sat down chatting away, glad to be dining in a completely different environment unlike the usual routine days. Quick summary of the food ordered and their taste ;

The stir fried lala were very fresh, completely free of unpleasant shellfish smell, and the light sauce complemented the dish pretty well.

The deep fried squids were crispy and tasty, dipped in chili sauce, these babies vanished while I was busy picking the fish. sigh ... talking bout the fish ...

The white snapper (I hope I got this right, Hung Chou=red snapper, Bak Chou=white snapper?) was fresh, the flesh firm yet soft and the portion was enough for 11 of us. However I do not prefer fish to be steamed Teochew style, as compared to soy sauce, or taucu sauce.

Hot plate Egg Tofu with Seafood and Vegetables

Kung Pow Mantis Prawns (see the itchy hands distracting me from a good shot?)

The hot plate tofu was delicious, loaded with a variety of meat and seafood, and the egg white-infused sauce went well with the rice.

The mantis prawns cooked 'kung-pow' style came in generous serving, however tastewise, it was moderate only. Definitely overshadowed by other dishes.

We also ordered Or Chien or Oyster Omelette and another vegetable dish (forgot what it was, as all attention was channeled to the seafood). Both were alright, nothing to shout about.

The bill? a measly RM105 for a table of 11, plus rice, tea etc. Cheap right? ;) However be warned, the price may vary for outsiders, ie : those without blood relation to the owner, haha!!!

Location : Pasir Bogak, nearby the beach, just a few minutes walk from Coral Bay Resort. It is a corner shop, unpretentious, minimal decor, and right beside a road leading to a school or something.


JOjo said...

I also want to go Pangkor la, I want my holiday~ *sob* Exam time now @@"

J2Kfm said...

hehe, go after exam lo ...
pangkor is accessible now, take a bus to Lumut from Ipoh, and take a ferry over for RM10 only (2 ways)
Coral Bay is considered a cheap and good option for accomodation

Hazza said...

waah.. so cheap for all that! worth a visit for a week just to eat there!

teckiee said...

ehh u pangkor lang ah? me too! (actually my dad la.. not me)

J2Kfm said...

hazza : haha, a week? few days would do la. the 2 weeks I was there i felt like eternity! there are various seafood restaurants around pangkor that's commendable as well.

teckiee : eh, nolah! hehe. my fren's uncle's shop ma. but went pangkor in Oct 07 for 5 days, and Mar 08 for 14 days. more or less half a Pangkor-ian. ;)

Bong said...

J2Kfm, thanks for sharing such wonderful meal with us here... I can almost taste it...drooling now.
I am going to Pangkor Island this December, and after saw what you shared here made me want to visit your uncle.
So can you give me the address and telephone number of the restaurant? I would like to book for 4 tables of people.
I'd be truly grateful if you can help out.