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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thum's Western Food @ New Weng Fatt, Ipoh

Imagine a rendezvous with something so special, something so dear, something that you thought have lost in time .... Only to rediscover the pleasure, the passion & the sheer delight of sinking your teeth once again, into something you've been longing to taste for a long long time ....

Wow, so many years has passed. The one stall that introduced me to the wonders of pizzas, spaghetti, and Western food, WAY before most of the fast food outlets had flourished in Ipoh. Thum's Western Food (formerly Thum's Burger aeons ago) was in Woolley Food Court for many many years, and since I was a small kid, their selection of pizzas and various Western food had amazed,enticed, and satisfied me. However, they moved to somewhere else, and we were heartbroken, left with a dire longing for a taste of REAL good Western food.

Pork Chop (RM8.00)

A rainy night it was, and hunger pangs led me to Ipoh Garden South, a quiet area nowadays, with a few food haunts here and there. Restoran Dan Kafe New Weng Fatt, a corner shop situated along Lebuh Taman Ipoh, was half packed. Out of the corner of my eyes, the stall's sign caught my attention. Is this the SAME Thum's Burger that I've grown up with? Judging from the menu, with the exception of pizzas, the food they serve resembles MY Thum's Burger, though they change their name to Thum's Western Food Snacks N' Grill. Let's give this a try?

Fish & Chips (RM9.00)

I went up and browsed the menu from upfront, braving the rain, and the lady owner shouted for me to come in and look at the menu. Hmm, felt silly. The snack that caught my eyes was the onion rings, deep-fried til perfection for RM5 per plate. But I understood the rings come with the chops as well, thus ordered a pork chop and fish & chips, both basic dishes. They also have Chicken Maryland RM10, Mixed Grill RM20, Lamb Chop RM13, Aussie Chicken (fried whole leg) RM11, and various others.

The pork chop arrived first. Served with french fries, onion rings, and a piece of crispy butter bread, the portion was pretty big. The gravy was fantastic, supposed to be onion sauce, or you can opt for black pepper. The meat was juicy and succulent, and went really really well with the sauce. 2 Thum's Up!!! =P

The fish and chips came with sides of onion rings, french fries, mayonnaise and some orange sauce. Though I prefer bread crumbs type of batter, the batter they used was crispy and nice as well. The orange sauce lent a tangy and sweet taste to the fish, which was fresh and devoid of any mud smell. Not sure what type of fish they used, probably dory.

I ordered the Lin Chee Kang (RM2), brimming with ingredients (as above),though lack my favourite cholesterol-laden ingredient of quail's egg. But very cooling nevertheless. By then, the whole place was packed, and most of the customers ordered Teh C Special (RM2) with 3 separate layers of evaporated milk, tea, and coffee (I think). Will be my next choice.

Location : Restoran dan Kafe New Weng Fatt, at Tingkat Taman Ipoh 11, along Lebuh Taman Ipoh. Coming from Jusco along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, turn left at the Ipoh Garden South traffic lights (with Pizza Hut at the corner). Go straight until you reach a crossroad. Turn right into Lebuh Taman Ipoh. This corner shop is to your right, at the first junction.


Anonymous said...

wei...yalar why the lin chee kang in this place no quail's egg!!the best part of it is the egg...sigh..i'd like to suggest to you, batu lanchang penang's lin chee kang!!!haha

J2Kfm said...

FCOE: yeah! 1st time see u commenting, thanks! u and ur penang!!!!! :)

Tummythoz said...

Think after a few more posts, your food adventure would cover the whole of Perak huh.

This is open only at night?

J2Kfm said...

tummythoz : LOL, nolah. Perak has WAY too many food outlets to cover. But i've another year or two working here. ;)
Not sure if they open in the afternoon, but the coffee shop sells various stuff like capati, noodles etc, even in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

The place is open at noon too but I think the western stall opens only at night. :)

I used to work nearby there.

J2Kfm said...

jason : oh thanks for the information. I had my tuition classes somewhere there since I was in secondary school, and I'm still not sure. hehe

bunbungirl : nice site you have, but I know slight Japanese only, therefore hard to comprehend your post. sorry. :( but feel free to comment on anything here, especially one of my favourite type of food, Japanese!

will said...

I really like everything you have to say about food. This blog is like a digital recipe book filled with flavors!!

Your very well spoken!!

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