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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Penang Food Tour (Part 6) - Double Breakfast, Again?

Crowded since early in the morning
After one whole day of indulging, the next day we woke up feeling pretty bloated, but skipping breakfast was a definite no-no. Hehe ... (This IS a food tour after all). But, where to??
Dim sum at Anson Road was high on my list, as I've only tried it ONCE throughout my 4 years in USM, and it left much of an impression. But normally after a heavy dim sum meal, I will lose all my cravings for meat. Better play it safe, and choose something less taxing on the bowel. Material Boy suggested Chee Cheong Fun, (for some reason, he is infatuated with Penang style of the dish) and he heard about this place at Lebuh Macalister that serves wicked CCF, Penang-style. Guess he was nearly orgasmic when we finally found the shop, but the crowd was HUGE!
Spanning over 2 shoplots, Kedai Kopi Seow Fong Lye looked like it has been around for quite some time, and certainly has seen better days. But judging from the crowd, the appeal for sure has not faded. We spotted the CCF stall, manned by a couple who speak Cantonese (YEAH! =P), but they were surrounded by waves of fans. A customer complained she had been waiting for 45 minutes. WHAT? CCF serving time requires 45 minutes?!!! Let's hope I heard wrongly.

Fried butter bread with egg (RM1.10)

When I tried to order, the lady mentioned something about the need to wait for half an hour, albeit in Hokkien. Just to be doubly sure, I instructed Material Boy to try his luck. Sadly, it was true. =(

We had to cancel our initial plan of trying the obviously famous CCF, and ordered Western style breakfast instead. Though they offer only 2 varieties, we did not mind and ordered both instead. (Muahaha ... no CCF nvm, we can stuff ourselves with other delicacies).

Cheese and Onion Omelette (RM2)

The fried butter bread with egg resembles French Toast, but with light sprinkling of sugar on top. Surprisingly, it was good, and Material Boy finished most of it while I was contemplating on whether to order sui kow or wantan mee. Hmm. In defense (or rather, in revenge, haha) I had the lion's share of the cheese and onion omelette. The filling was warm, cheesy but not too heavy, which was good as it left some space in our tummies for more to come. ;)

Look for this sign ... (No, not the lady lah)

Hmm, since we did not get to try one of Penang's famous CCF stall, let's compensate by crawling over to Pulau Tikus for some duck egg char kuey teow. Located at Kedai Kopi Kwai Lock, opposite Pulau Tikus police station on Jalan Burma, this shop is quite popular among Penangites and outsiders alike. However, luck was certainly not on our side. The lady sold out her CKT by 11am!!! =O

Deep-fried til perfection ... Roti Babi (Rm3)

Sigh ... Not one to give up easily, I eyed the huge banner at the back of the shop saying 'ROTI BABI'. Hey, I love pork! And after trying Penang's CRC (Chinese Recreation Club)'s Roti Ayam the previous time, I was deeply hooked with these Roti types of servings.

Served with plum sauce and red chilli, the breaded crumbs was crispy, and lent a fragrant undertone to the minced pork, potatoes and carrots filling. Delicious. But a tad oily for those health freaks. But I certainly do not mind. Hehe ... Not that I can get this in Ipoh.

Stall beside the shop, selling delicious apom pancakes

Hmm, as the place was packed and tough to get a table, might as well make the full of it and order something else to indulge in. (And I wonder why my waistline is expanding). Penang has various stalls selling apom pancakes (Ban Chang Kuih) stuffed with interesting ingredients, from the sweet (peanut, banana, raisin) to the savoury (tuna, cheese, ham). The most popular one has to be Aki Pancake, in Super Tanker in Tmn Lip Sin. Hope it is still there though.

Banana Pancake (RM0.90) and Peanut Pancake (RM0.60)

This small stall at the roadside has fewer options, but charges cheaper prices. Both the banana and peanut versions were good. The shop has various other stalls selling typical hawker fare, such as Koay Chiap, chicken rice, Western food, 'pau', etc.

Location : Kedai Kopi Seow Fong Lye @ Lebuh Macalister. Pretty easy to find. Lebuh Macalister is a branch from the main road of Jalan Macalister. In fact, coming from Komtar/Gama supermarket side, Lebuh Macalister is the first turning on the right when you're driving along Jalan Macalister.

Location : Kedai Kopi Kwai Lock @ Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus. It is directly opposite Pulau Tikus Police station, a corner shop at the junction of Solok Moulmein.