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Motormouth From Ipoh

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ristorante Italia Mia @ Sunway City, Ipoh

Very old photos. Considered old la, cz these were taken during Chinese New Year period, this year. Amazingly, we chose to have Italian meal during CNY. And on the 1st day of CNY as well.

Heard bout this Italian restaurants for some time. Some good reviews, some bad. But everyone mentioned bout the price. Hmm, we'll see. (Btw, sorry bout the quality of the photos. In case you think they're taken with my 5610, you're wrong. It was my fren's Sony Cybershot T70, and clearly, snapping in low light condition revealed its weaknesses. Hmm, Canon or Sony? When will I ever decide on a REAL digicam instead of handphone? Sigh ... )

Pollo Boscaida (aka Chicken Breast in Cheese and Wine sauce) RM34.65

The ambience is cozy, romantic (the owner lighted up a candle for every table seated, so sweet), and comfortable. But due to the low lighting, the photos turned up blurry and dark. Or probably we have not discover indoor low light function. Not really really hungry, we took our sweet time studying the menu. Mostly meat and spaghetti, it was funny they do not serve pizzas. Or do they? hehe... so long liao, how to remember? =P

Seafood Spaghetti RM35.75

I ordered the chicken in wine and cheese sauce, served with ham slices. Half expecting Friday's size, I was sorely disappointed as the chicken breast meat was such a small piece. Tastewise? Pretty average. Not too dry, being chicken breast, but the accompanying sauce was a bit too salty for my liking. The sides of boiled vegetables and roasted potatoes were forgettable.

Ms L ordered the seafood spaghetti, GOOD choice, as it came fully 'furnished' with succulent prawns, mussels, and squids, and the spaghetti was cooked pretty well, retaining the firm texture of the noodle, and braised with a light sauce infused with the sweetness of the seafood.

Saltin Bocca (Pork Fillets in Wine sauce, cheese and ham) RM34.65

Tall Guy ordered Saltin Bocca, my 1st choice, for the sake of irritating me I supposed. That was why I changed my order to the chicken. However, the pork fillets were even MORE salty, haha, but pretty delicious with Marsala wine sauce and ham. Oh, and he finished his mashed potatoes without even allowing us to taste. Hmm, supposedly not bad...

Tiramisu RM17.50

We were prepared to order 2 desserts to share, but the Creme Brulee was out-of-stock, hehe ... egg custard also takde? Therefore we had to be content with a slice of tiramisu. At RM17.50 per slice, it was pricey, far more expensive than the ones in Italiannies and Delicious. Fluffy and soft, the cake was pretty satisfactory, but the cheese layer was pretty mild tasting and not as creamy as I would like.

(Mini) Creme Brulee ... on the house! ;)

Hey! Guess what? The boss was nice enough to offer us a substitute, seeing our hungry drooling faces. A 'mini' version of creme brulee, hopefully not leftovers. Somebody flamed the sugar layer and it was good to go. The egg custard was lovely, melt in mouth texture, but the caramel layer was too thick and sweet. Definitely prefer the Italiannies' version.

The bill arrived at RM140.95. Pretty pricey for dainty portions, but the quality of the food was pretty well controlled. Still, at that amount, we would've stuffed ourselves silly at Italiannies. ;)

Location : 10, Persiaran SC1 2/1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh. To be precise, it is located at the row of colourful shophouses, right outside of Giant Hypermarket in Tambun.


Jason said...

Now to recall the price, it's actually more expensive than certain places in KL, judging from the size of the serving, doesn't it?

backStreetGluttons said...

good to know we have another fooder based in Ipoh !

More food please ! TQ

J2Kfm said...

Jason : yeah! But it survives probably cz the quality of the food. Or maybe the dire lack of Italian restaurants in Ipoh ...?

team bsg : No problem! :) eat out almost everyday ... just that compared to KL, Ipoh's food more homely, and not so extravagant ...

Anonymous said...

I feel the strong need to share my personal experience with whoever who intend to visit Italia Mia in the future. It all began when me and my friend finally decided to make quick foray into Italia Mia for dessert and coffee the other day after reading so much favorable reviews about it. To our surprise, we were not allowed to order their desserts without dining there because according to the owner his restaurant doesn't serve like a cafe or some low rent Chinese restaurant(something I was deeply offended). Again, I was completely taken aback because even the finest dining place doesn't have such rule. Eventually he was "kind" enough to make exceptions for us but dash away fast enough before we even had the chance to look at the drinks menu. Despite the outrageous service, the desserts were really amazing (something I need to give credit for) but I expected better service to keep up with the exorbitant price. I felt we were sort of being "marginalized" that night. Me and my friend just couldn't wait to kill the bill and leave as soon as we finished our last bite.

Domenico said...

Italia Mia is the best italian restaurant where i have been in Malaysia. The price are no cheap but it's worth it. Quality of food is excellent and service is good too. See you Tino.... ;-)

will said...

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Your very well spoken!!

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