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Motormouth From Ipoh

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Simee Market's Choy Kee Egg Tarts

My favourite joint for egg tarts, but difficult to get as one needs to wake up pretty early, preferably before 8am, in order to get these babies, and the cucur udang (no pic, sorry!) are pretty tasty as well.
Nowadays, being the lazy bum that I've become, I've taken a shortcut and ask for great favours from my aunt, who lives nearby, to get them and hang them at our gate, WAY before anyone in our family wakes up. ;) Of course, only on weekends, and not as frequent as I wished she would.
The filling of creamy egg custard is so satisfying, and the crust is flaky but rest assured the pieces won't break and fall off easily, as in the case of most dim sum shops' version. Together with milk tea, what more can I ask for in terms of great breakfast?
Location : Pretty tough. Simee morning market is in Kampung Simee (obviously), and there are few routes to reach this place. From the Perak stadium round about, coming from Fair Park/town area, turn 9 o'clock and go straight til you reach a 2nd smaller round about. Take a 3 o'clock turning and you'll come to a traffic light. Turn left, and soon you'll witness the hustle and bustle of activities at the market.
Choy Kee egg tarts is located at the food and pastry section, the 2nd or 3rd stall by the entrance. Right behind this marvelous pastries stall is a lady selling chee cheong fun, supposed to be good, but to me it's nothing special. Be prepare for a queue for the tarts, and they bake them freshly, and be sure to ask when's the next batch gonna be ready, else you risk staring away at people snatching 'your' tarts ....


wmw said...

I love egg tarts...I like the flaky pastry ones like these.

J2Kfm said...

yeah! though John King's version of egg tarts with cookies crust is pretty tasty as well, the original flaky type ala dimsum shop's version is still the best!

Mi chiamo Italian said...

Choy Kee's egg tarts are the best in Malaysia.
Even their branch in Bercham is equally good.
You can visit their blog for more information about their products.

J2Kfm said...

they HAVE a blog?!! wow... that's new. ok, will check that out later. thanks.

yeah, their egg tart is the best.

rohayaahmad said...

Hi,personally i love egg tarts myself.., and for those staying in ampang, selangor, who might be interested, there is a home made egg tarts for sale right from the oven...

Nivea Coupon said...

Do you know what all goes into the egg custard?

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