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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nam Chau (Dry Curry Mee) @ Old Town, Ipoh

Taken through my car's window, pardon the blurry effect

Hmm, my favourite breakfast spot in Old Town, Nam Chau. Been introduced to this place by my aunt who frequents this place with her family almost every Sunday (the shop's closed on Sat though). Famous for its dry curry noodle, and various toasts/sandwiches, as well as their coffee, it opened up another branch in Bandar Baru Menglembu lately.

Rich, aromatic dry curry noodle

The dry curry noodle (I normally pick rice noodle or kuey teow) (RM3.50) comes with chicken strips, char siew and prawns, and generously served with amazing curry paste. Though some may find it oily, but squeeze in half a lime, and the taste is simply amazing! The spiciness can be 'adjusted', just tell the person taking order to +/- accordingly. Very rich and aromatic, the dry curry noodle is one of the best I've ever tasted in Ipoh.

'Cham Ping' aka Iced White Coffee & Tea

Most people would choose Sun Yuan Loong or Nam Heong for their white coffee, however, comparing current Nam Heong's white coffee quality with Nam Chau's, in my humble opinion, the latter trumped the former by a wide margin. Nam Chau has their own way of 'frying' the beans, resulting in perfectly aromatic and satisfying coffee, with a tinge of saltiness (yes, sounds funny, but it's true) that enhance the overall flavour. Have it hot to enjoy Ipoh's famous drink, but I normally have the iced version to cut meal time. After all, morning breakfast is NOT a privilege of civil servant, but rather leniency on behalf of department's head. Hehe ...

Other than curry noodle, they serve chicken soup noodle, roast pork, and a strangely named noodle named 'Ta Lan Wun', roughly translated to 'Break the Bowl', which is glass noodle soup with fishballs etc. They have various toasts and sandwiches, the most memorable being half boiled eggs on toast, RM2.60, and the usual kaya-butter variety.

Location : Jalan Bandar Timah. Same road with Nam Heong, Sun Yuan Loong etc, BUT on the right turning, coming from Hugh Low Street (Jalan Sultan Iskandar). It's before Restoran Kong Heng, which is down the same road.


Jason said...

I don't recall there's a shop there leh...
By the way, I tried one curry mee opposite MGS which is pretty good too!

J2Kfm said...

jason, its pretty easy to find la, coming from hugh low street, u pass by Nasmir by the river bank on your left. then take the 1st turning on your right, right before the traffic lights. The shop is located on the right. the MGS curry mee is Yee Fatt, its in one of my earlier post. been around for very very long

Anonymous said...

I always go for Nam Chau's dry curry mee probably once a week at the very least. I think its one of the best curry noodles in Ipoh.

It's true their coffee is not as popular as Nam Heong or Sin Yuen Loong. But Nam Heong or Sin Yuen Loong coffee is nothing to shout about either. Your mileage may vary.

J2Kfm said...

Stanley : agree bout the best curry mee part. :)
i feel that Nam heong's coffee has gone from bad to worse, not worthy of representing Ipoh white coffee.