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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tapah Mini Food Crawl

Departing a bit late, resulting in spoiled initial plan of having breakfast/lunch/teatime along the old trunk road from Ipoh-Tapah. ;) Team? Me and KYT only. Chose the highway instead, and travelling was a chore as it was a very, very hot day.

Work started smoothly, right until some arrogant b*st*rd completely ruined my day (or rather, the 1st half of my day) No intention to elaborate further, to prevent re-ignition of "internal fire"
Let's move on to something joyful .... FOOD! :)

Cendol Pulut (RM1.50)

Located at a side lane off Jalan Stesen, this stall's signboard caught our eyes (my fury eyes), as I've never tasted Cendol Pulut in my life, but astonishingly, KYT had!! How wrong was I to think he would avoid anything with santan. =P

Pathetic & empty looking arrangement huh?

The stall sells Nasi Lemak and Burgers as well. We ordered a bowl each of their signature dessert, Cendol Pulut, and they came in 2 BIG bowls, enough to be shared among 3 or 4. Not expecting much from such an empty stall, surprisingly the cendol tasted quite good, not too sweet, and not too much santan (coconut milk). And the inclusion of pulut (glutinous rice) into the mixture added texture, taste, and of course, pretty much filling. Hmm, but at only RM1.50/bowl, you do NOT get red beans, and the gula melaka is not as fragrant/tasty as the one used by Penang's or Melaka's cendol. But who's complaining? ;)

We searched high and low, but could not find the name of the shop

We picked up another kaki makan in Tapah, Miss Skoon, who works somewhere at the outskirts, on the way to Bidor. She drove us to a place she fondly refers to as "Riverfront", right beside a mosque, by the riverside. (The water is murky, be thankful the stall is located a distance away from the bank)

Nasi Daging Merah (RM4.00)

They served economy rice,with plentiful of dishes, including ulam (raw vegetables) and grilled fish, as well as various masakan kampung. We chose to eat freshly cooked dishes, as from the menu on the wall, there were at least 10 types of Nasi Goreng and the likes, available for order.

Nasi Goreng USA (RM5.00)

KYT's Nasi Daging Merah (beef in sweet and spicy sauce) came in quite a portion (rice and dish alike), but he commented the lack of taste, and the chewiness of the chunks of beef kind of spoiled the dish for him. My Nasi Goreng USA came with a fried egg on top, small prawns, LOTS of onions (yummy), and Daging Merah as well. On the contrary, I found the beef to be well marinated and cooked, and though some pieces were slightly chewy due to the veins, overall the portion was HUGE, and the rice was fried til fragrant and delicious. Or probably I LOVE caramelized onions no matter what they're served with. ;)

Nasi Goreng Paprik (RM5.50)

Skoon had some scares as the waiter/waitress kept serving the aforementioned beef dishes and claimed those were Nasi Paprik, when what Skoon ordered was in fact a CHICKEN dish. Luckily hers arrived just the way she wanted, Fried Rice with Ayam Paprik (Chicken, Prawns and Vegetables in spicy/sour sauce). Tried a piece, and the dish was tasty.

The price was pretty reasonable for the portion served, but be prepared for some wait in case you decide to order from the kitchen. The place was designed 'half al fresco', therefore brave the heat if you're seated on the outer ends.

Location : Coming from the North-South Highway, towards Tapah town, you will pass by a bridge (Jambatan Batang Padang if I'm not mistaken), after turning left at the traffic lights at Shell petrol station. This shop/stall is located on the left, immediately after the bridge, beside the mosque.

Location : Cendol Pulut @ a side lane beside Hotel Utara on Jalan Stesen. To get to Jalan Stesen, drive further down the road after the bridge, and you will reach a traffic lights with a shop named Restoran Kai Fan on your right. Turn right into Jalan Stesen, and once you see Klinik Sentosa on your left, and Hotel Utara on your right, turn right into the small lane beside the hotel. The stall is situated at the lane itself.


JOjo said...

I love nasi goreng paprik!!!
*blush* Public declaration of my love. =X

The prawn in your place of Nasi Goreng USA looked so big la...Where got ppl put such a big prawn in the fried rice de...Haha!

sc said...

the only time i had pulut in some coconut milk and lots of other ingredients was in thailand and cambodia..guess there's some in M'sia too! wow, has been ages since i ate a plate of nasi goreng usa..*drools*

backStreetGluttons said...

you guys can certainly eat Malay food !

Anonymous said...

Wow you have kaki makan all over M'sia? Lol. The nasi goreng padprik looks really nice la :b~

J2Kfm said...

jojo : it's ok to declare your love ... to something you lust after (food, i mean) ;)
the prawns while not exactly big, but were plentiful and pretty fresh

sc : yeah! mango pulut rice in thai? my absolute fav thai food!

team bsg : haha, I love spicy food. haven'y blog about Tasek raban's grilled fish and such ... will get to that soon

durianberry : all over malaysia? haha, nolah, in perak mostly. and pg. and kl only. =P the paprik was certainly not bad

Precious Pea said...

What a coincident...someone blogged about cendol and i just commented that I love mine with pulut and there you go, you blogged about it too. Yes...they do have pulut version in KL but a rare find these days. And sometimes you need to ask as they are hidden in a container..wonder why.

Tummythoz said...

Eee I don't like cendol with pulut. Too 'jelak'(filling?).

J2Kfm said...

precious pea : yeah! amazingly, it tasted just right, thought the combination may be a bit awkward. chewing on the sweet pulut, while dunking copious amount of gula melaka syrup never tasted so good ...

Tummythoz : Actually won't lah, you can alwiz share the portion mah ... ;)