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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Italiannie's @ The Curve, KL

Italian food posting back to back. Right after the slight disappointment of Italia Mia, 5 days later (hence, launching Food Tour Part 1), we were warped to The Curve. Hehe ... Initially we thought of trying The Apartment, but after the episode of being rudely brushed away by the usher guy, we changed our minds, and proceeded to Italiannie's instead. Muahaha ... :)

Deep-fried Calamari Salad (RM25.90)

As soon as we were seated, we were served with the usual freshly baked bread and dipping of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. We finishe everything while browsing the menu. Hehe ... Like hungry ghosts. We ordered one dish each, BAD choice, as I had wanted to try their desserts and planned to leave some space for them.

Tall Guy's Calamari Salad arrived first, and the portion is humongous! Definitely meant for sharing, there were heaps after heaps of croutons (?), aka the bread crumbs, vegetables, artichokes, olives, and of course, fried squid rings. We drizzled some more olive oil, (haha, free one ma, nvm) and the salad was fresh and crunchy, though the calamari rings were slightly soggy. But still, a very nice appetizer.

Salmon Fettucine (RM35.90)

Ms L's salmon fettucine arrived next, complete with chunks of salmon. One taste and all of us were hooked! So cheesy, and delicious, this dish is one of the best pasta I've ever tasted. Though laden with calories (aiya, work them off later lo), the amazing fettucine was cooked just right, not too soft or soggy, and retaining the bounciness of the noodle. And the chunks of salmon .... I am salivating at the thought now... =P

Seafood Cioppino (RM33.90)

Initially Ms M ordered Lasagne, but it was not available, thus, changed her order to Seafood Cioppino, a mixed stew of seafood with fresh tomatoes in wine sauce. Or so it seems. The mussels, prawns, and squids were VERY fresh and sweet. However, I found the gravy to be too watery, and at the end of the meal, the pasta soaked up all the sauces, resulting in wet and soggy noodles. But the portion was, again, HUGE.

Seafood Risotto (RM30.90)

Ordered their Risotto, which is a dish of rice (in this case, they used Arborio variety) cooked in broth, a famous Italian way of cooking rice. The amount of seafood accompanying this dish was worth the price alone. Sweet succulent mussels! Firm and springy prawns! The rice was too soft for my liking though. Could not manage to finish the whole dish.

For drinks (no pics, sorry) I had the Iced Cafe Latte (RM7.90), Tall Guy had Lemonade (RM7.50), Ms L had Tropic Sunshine (RM8.90) while Ms M had Ripe Mango Shake (RM8.50). None particularly stood out though. They provide free flow of plain water, in case you're wondering.

In the end, everyone was stuffed full to the brim, and we cancelled the idea of ordering desserts. Shucks ... Maybe next time though. (which had taken place a month after this, and even blogged about already, hehe). A very satisfactory meal, and the bill totalled RM183.30, including 5% gov tax and 10% service charge. Well worth the price paid for the quality, quantity, and sheer pleasure from indulging in the food.

Location : Lot G75/76 at The Street section of The Curve shopping mall, Mutiara Damansara.


-tAkEmOtO- said... u know that The Apartment & Italiannes are under the same management? As well as TGIF as apparently they still got anyways, nice post, i'm overseas now and i still remember Italiannes...and the 1st time we went there...and got the same accident... ordered too the lesson now , and really looking forward to going back and having all my comfort food...^^

J2Kfm said...

Really? haha, then i'm duped. ;)
thanks for pointing that out though.But read some pretty average reviews for Apartment.
MAY try them out someday, but I guess not so soon.

Anonymous said...

The Apartment same as Italiannese?..oh no..i wan once step in Apartment and step out..due the to menu, we cant read the menu clearly, the arragement of the menu not we head to Italiannese....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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