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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Mouth Restaurant @ Greentown, Ipoh

Formerly our favourite haunt for lunch, The Mouth is situated in Greentown Business Centre, serving various style of Chinese dishes. The restaurant has been certified HALAL, and there are a few Malay workers, though the number of Malay customers remain on the lower end.
Claypot chicken with salted fish
Initially I had plan to visit Unique Seafood in Sunway, Tambun, as my craving for seafood suddenly crept up. However, Mum disagreed and suggested this place instead, which was incidentally our choice for CNY Reunion dinner past February. On a weekday, the restaurant seemed pretty empty, in fact, the whole Greentown area was pretty deserted, unlike the case in the peak working hours, when finding a parking space can be quite a chore.

Soft shell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk

Not particularly hungry, we ordered 6 dishes for 7 person. The claypot chicken with salted fish was supposed to be grandmas' (both were present) favourite, but failed to deliver. The meat was marinated well, but the lack of salted fish brought this dish down a notch. Really can't compare to pork belly with salted fish, but remember, it is a HALAL outlet. So, no comment.

The soft shell crabs has always been a favourite of mine, and I was glad they did a mighty good job in deep frying the crabs with the golden batter of salted egg yolk, served with their garlic chilli sauce, which complemented the dish very well. 2 thumbs up.

Steamed Cod Fish

Dad was raving about their signature dish, Claypot Cod Fish, but sadly, it was not available that night. We agreed with the lady boss' suggestion of steamed cod fish with pickled mustard and minced meat, and were glad the serving of 2 large slabs of sweet, succulent cod fish steamed in soy sauce and whatnot, was very delicious. Btw, they claimed that their cod fish is of the Canadian species. Hmm, cool?

Indonesian Style Prawns

One of the most outstanding dish of the night was Indonesian Style Prawns. Cooked in a milky gravy with slight curry taste, it was not spicy, but very rich and aromatic. The prawns can be served with or without the shells. Being the lazybum that I am, I decided on the shell-less ones, without a doubt. Hehe ....

Special Tofu with Minced Meat

Their signature tofu with minced meat was yummy, as expected, as we've had this dish before. Fried til crispy on the outside, the soft, melt-in-mouth centre of the tofu was really alluring. Garnished with minced chicken meat and spring onions, the light soy sauce did not steal the limelight away from the main actor, the tofu itself.

We were forced to change our order of Yin Yang Kailan, which is fantastic btw, one side boiled, while another side is deep-fried until ultra crispy, just like seaweed. We were told kailan was not available, (hmm, fire the vege shopper!) therefore simply picked 'Choy Yuen'. Nothing too remarkable though.

Total bill for 7, including rice, chinese tea, hand towels, peanuts and dishes came to RM180.70. The dishes totalled RM160.00. Did not itemize the items though, but the cod fish is Rm12/100gm, prawns RM30 for 'M' size, Soft shell Crab RM20 for 'M' size, while the others I have no idea. Pretty reasonable, as the servings were more than enough. Other signature dishes that I've tried and proven to be yummy include Salad Mantis Prawns, Shark's Fins soup (RM15/bowl), and some others I completely forgot. Serious amnesia before dinnertime. Sorry. =P

Location : 66 & 68, Persiaran Greentown 1, Pusat Perdagangan Greentown, 30450 Ipoh. Specifically, it is on the same road as Ipoh Parade Shopping Centre and Syuen Hotel. Pretty easy to find, as it is facing the main road.


Jason said...

Shucks, I'm having amnesia!
Let's see... it's facing Habitat Gallery?

J2Kfm said...

Habitat Gallery? hmmm, no idea where's that, but it's on the same row with Maria's Cafe, and Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck shop. Hope that helps ! :)