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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sun Yuan Loong White Coffee, Ipoh

This shop, located around Pasir Putih, at an area quite hidden from the main roads, is somewhat a branch of the original white coffee, Sin Yoon Loong in Old Town. Mum commented that the owner is a relative of the original shop's proprietor. Seems I used to have lunch/tea time here, when I was still in my primary/secondary education years. But no recollection on my part, obviously. Haha .... =P

Iced White Coffee and 'Cham' (RM1.40 each)

Signature must-haves? The coffee of course. They ARE related to THE original white coffee famously known nationwide anyway. However, the coffee was not as fragrant, nor smooth as the original's, slightly toned down (I had the iced version at the original's as well, so no bias) flavour. I believe the hot ones would have fared better, but it was freaking hot out there.

Dry Prawn Mee (RM3)

The shop was packed, full to the brim, and the noise was overwhelming. Possibly because of closed area with no sound-absorbing system (hehe), OR the owners are a clever bunch, building the wall so, to avoid customers who are prone to yapping non-stop, monopolizing the seats, while ordering a single solitary cup of coffee. Anyhow, chatting was akin to shouting.

There are quite a number of stalls selling rice/noodles, but I ordered a dry version of prawn mee, half expecting Thye Hong's signature Fried Prawn Noodles at Food Republic, Singapore. Nope, too far off. The noodles came drenched in the gravy, a mix of soy sauce, and prawn noodle broth, not exactly 'dry'. The verdict? HORRIBLE. Should've gone for the soupy version instead.

Portuguese Egg Tarts (RM1.10) and Toast with Kaya/Butter (RM1.40)

The prices quoted are estimation though, as I wouldn't dare to ask the lady to itemize. She was running around, or rather, warping around at full speed, not bothering to accept payment until nearly the end of our meal. Nevertheless, the toast was good, but the ones at the original shop in Old Town were better. The tarts were crispy and still hot, retaining the crunch of the pastry, but the filling was forgettable. Not as smooth as Baker's Cottage's or Gold Vision's for sure.

Location : A corner shop at Medan Bendahara 2, Ipoh. Coming from town direction, on Jalan Pasir Putih, you'll notice a Courts Mammoth store and a Maybank on your right. Turn right at the bank, towards some houses, then immediately turn right again at the next junction. Soon you'll reach an area with lots of shophouses and coffee shops. It's around there somewhere.

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