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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, May 19, 2008

A'Shore Restaurant & Tea Bar

After reading Dine and Health's post on this restaurant-cum-tea bar situated at a rather isolated area in town, I vowed to give this a shot. Though several eateries are popping up like mushrooms all over Ipoh, especially in business/commercialized area, the quality of some of the food, if not most, is doubtful. Not to mention the inflated prices.

Steamed Tofu with Onion Oil (RM6)

They serve quite a commendable number of dishes, ranging from noodles/rice for single serving, (ideal for lunch) to possibly at least 50 types of dishes, from fish, prawns and squids, to chicken and ribs.

The steamed tofu was lightly dressed with soy sauce, and onion oil (sorry, direct translation), garnished with crunchy (but slightly tough) dried shrimps and spring onions. We try to avoid dishes with too many clashing/contrasting flavours in one meal, therefore something light is deemed compulsory. We seldom opt for soup though.

Fried Hong Kong Kailan (RM13)

The 'yin yang' kailan grabbed my attention, having tasted an amazing version over at The Mouth. Normal restaurants seldom serve this dish, as kailan is usually stir-fried with roast pork, prawns, or fish cakes. One side served hot and crispy, with plentiful of anchovies/dried shrimps (forgot to look at what I put into my big mouth =P), while the stalks were cooked in clear broth. Yummy-licious. But a bit steep at RM13. Wanna know why?

Mongolian Black Pepper Chicken (RM10)

Because even the whole slab of chicken chop cooked in delicious and slightly spicy Mongolian sauce was only RM10. The chicken was deep-fried until crispy, then generously doused with the creamy Mongolian sauce. Not too spicy, don't worry.

Crispy Butter and Cream Fish Slices (RM15)

The portion served here is rather huge. And we only ordered the 'small' servings. The crispy fish slices really lived up to its name, the egg shred, curry leaves and bird's eye chilli lent a crunchy, spicy, and aromatic touch to the fresh, batter-fried fish slices. Recommended.

Pot of Ti Kuan Yin for Two (RM1.50/pax)

Being a tea bar, of course their tea is their signature drinks. However, their menu is extensive, to the point where even fruit juices, shakes, blends, desserts, and whatnots are also available. Aside from the usual Jasmine/Hiong Pin combo and Ti Kuan Yin, they have higher grades eg. Pu Er and the like.

Macau Milk Tea (RM3)

However, stay away from their Macau Milk Tea, or 'Xi Mut Nai Cha' (to all you Kopitiam fans). Though frothy and creamy, it was too sweet and the tea was not as fragrant and strong as I'd prefer.

Total for 4 pax, including rice and tea came to RM56. The dishes we ordered can easily serve 5 people though. They definitely do not skimp on their ingredients. Just opened for 3 months, they are doing a promotion now, distributing vouchers for 10% discount on next visit within a month. Do give them a try if you happened to be in Ipoh.

Location : No 5, Jalan Dato Yeoh Cheang Lee, 30300 Ipoh. Seems they have a branch in Sunway Mas Commercial Centre in PJ, which also houses the legendary Char Siew shop (LOL).

Mini Map from their leaflet

If the mini map above doesn't help, OK here goes; Coming from Hospital Ipoh towards town, you'll reach a round about (Bulatan Hospital) next to Taman Dr Seenivasagam (fondly known as DR Park). Turn 9 o'clock towards town area. You will pass by Klinik Kesihatan Greentown and UOB bank on your left. Keep going until you reach a Nasi Kandar Majeedia (or something). Turn left into Jalan Dato Yeoh Cheang Lee. This shop is on that road itself. Opens everyday from 9 am to 11 pm.

UPDATED 26/5/08 - Second visit HERE.


backStreetGluttons said...

many shops open good for you ! then you can try new things and enjoy2 all the time.

to us one big factor is staffing, usually this makes or break the place ! we hate it when a vietnamese shop is run by halal people and Hokkian CKT is fried by an Indon and so on ! the other is similar menu competition from the one down the road.You can see this trend in shopping Malls where " how come this one got people that one don't have ah ?" is a common utterance from diners

Elin Chia said...

Wow..nice place!! The Mongolian Black Pepper Chicken looks delicious and cheap too. Toufu is the family fav and looks nice too. Does it open for lunch or only at nite?

J2Kfm said...

team bsg : yeah, but when I go shopping malls, or other outlets, I do look for one with most patrons though. staffing does make a difference, but not as influential as taste and price. :)

elinluv : It's open for lunch and dinner, everyday of the week it seems. do go and try them. would love to hear your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Waaaahh...ridiculously cheap wei!! :D Why does it have to be in Ipoh, so far away from me!??

J2Kfm said...

tankiasu : hey, welcome to my blog! haha, thought u lost interest in food after all those jokes posts? :) Ipoh's just a 2 hours drive, not too worry! Oh, you can visit their Sunway Mas branch if interested

Elin Chia said...

Yup, definitely :)

Hulk said...

New here.

Lunch there for few occasions. Other idividual dish serve is reasonable price. Luv the Hokien Mee (thier version) not the "HULK" size mee but taste reasonably good for Ipoh Standard.
Parking is easy. Usually get my stuff , bootleg CDs nearby.

J2Kfm said...

hulk : yeah, mostly the rice and noodle dishes are below RM10, around RM5-8 per set only. Well worth the $ if the portion served is in accordance with the ala carte dishes. Bootleg CD's? haha, now THAT's original (oopps)

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