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Motormouth From Ipoh

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sun Yeong Wai (Roast Duck, Char Siew, Roast Pork) @ Ipoh Jaya

Look for the lusty ducks .... =P
Still feeling porky after the FSF (Famous Seremban Favourites) session in KL, I spread the lurve for anything porky by dragging Tall Gal and LPN to this place, one of my favourite joint in Ipoh for CRISPY SIU YOKE (roasted pork).

This restaurant has another branch in Medan Ipoh Baru, but this outlet serves the BETTER roasted pork. Don't ask why, cz I have absolutely no idea. (Fact corrected thanks to Janice, from Sun Yeong Wai)

Their signature item, cripsy roasted duck

Variety of dishes ala economy rice style available for choosing

You can opt for personal serving, meaning some meat (roast chicken/duck/char siew/siu yoke) on rice, plus any vegetables of your choice ala Economy Rice, OR you can ask them to chop up some meats to be shared, plus some vegetable dishes (humans ARE omnivores) aka family-style luncheon/dinner.

Oh.. my love.... Char Siew & all its glory... (RM7)

We were persuaded by the lady boss to take their roasted ducks, as they are supposed to be DA BOMB! Or something along the line. But I rejected, as ducks cannot satiate my porky lust. Muahaha .....

Crackling skin, crispy, delicious siu yoke ... v_v (Rm7)

So we ordered a plate each of Char Siew (BBQ Pork) and Siu Yoke (Roasted Pork), to be shared. Needless to say, the Siu Yoke was amazingly crispy at the skins, and the meat/fat ratio is just right (for me, at least). I can finish this plate on my own, if not for the existence of an outsider (LPN). Hehe! The Char Siew was one of the better ones in Ipoh, but could not hold a candle to FSF's version, so let's not compare. But to give credits where they're due, the meat is tender, sweet, not chewy, and goes really well with the chilli sauce, and their fragrant oil rice.

Drools away ....

The Siu Yoke may look fat, but they really aren't. Paired with the rice, they are indeed a match made in heaven. ;) Oh, to counter the excessive protein intake, we ordered a plate of vegetables (if pumpkins can be considered one). Nothing special, but got the job done. Cooked until soft, the sweet pumpkins were tasty when paired with dried shrimps.

Pumpkins with Dried Shrimps (RM6)

Total damage was RM28 for 3 person, including rice and drinks. They have a variety of herbal teas freshly made everyday. I had the watercress with dates, which was cooling and refreshing, while I could not remember what Tall Gal and LPN had. Haha ... Side effect of pork overdose?

Location : No17 & 19, Jalan Sri Ampang, Taman Ipoh Jaya, 31350 Ipoh. Tel : 053113600.

Specifically, it is at the area before Gunung Rapat, and same row with Old Town Kopitiam, Marrybrown, and Yee Hup Famous Hiong Pian. Anyone needs further directions, feel free to ask. Won't bite, I promise.


Anonymous said...

hey,my name appeared in this post...but ppl mentioned me as an 'outsider',so sad...

ai wei said...

ipoh... all these in ipoh. sobz

Elin Chia said...

Shots on the 'siew yok ' look so enticing...drools :)

Anonymous said...

I like the char siew! Not so burnt and all glossy pink inside. Wah :b~

Jason said...

LPN! Hahaha!

J2Kfm said...

LPN : whoops ... =P pls dun take that in that sense, I wouldnt want to expose your identity ma, so 'outsider' is a way to describe those who come and work temporarily for 2 wks each.

ai wei : aiya, Ipoh so near, can drop by anytime ma. :) but i'm sure kl-pg has even MORE goodies

elinluv : wait til you put one in your mouth, REALLY crispy and delicious. not salty also.

durianberry : oh, on the other hand, i prefer FSF version which is slightly burnt, and melts in mouth. but this one here can be considered as yummy in Ipoh.

jason : WEI! stop teasing her, else I'm so gonna get it from her. haha

Anonymous said...

Wah lau .. you shoot the siu yuk photo so near .. geli la ... haha.. but melts in the mouth heh.

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, gigantic siu yuk!

J2Kfm said...

haha..what geli? It's not fatty at all though, more lean meat. But the taste is good, REAL char siew, unlike the dyed-red-wannabes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the siew yok sure looks good. We're from S'pore and will be heading south to Penang next month, would like to drop by this place along the way. Can you provide directions on getting to this place from the North South Highway?? thanks.

J2Kfm said...

OK, I'll try my best. I assumed you meant going NORTH to penang?
then exit at Ipoh Selatan (the 1st Ipoh exit you come across), and you'll reach a T-junction traffic lights. Turn left, and keep go straight. You'll pass by Jusco on your left, and keep straight.

soon you'll reach a flyover, with Hospital Pantai Putri on your left. Go straight up the flyover, and when you come down, you'll soon reach a traffic lights with Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman on your left. Turn left into Jalan Raja Musa Mahadi (Jalan Sri Ampang) and keep going straight for awhile. Once you see a Esso (or Caltex, forgot) petrol station on your left, turn into the row of shops next to the station.
Sun Yeong Wai is same row with Old Town Kopitiam, Marrybrown, and the famous Gunung Rapat Hiong Peng shop.

Janice said...

Restoran Yeong Wai @ Greentown, Ipoh is totally different with "SUN YEONG WAI" @ AMPANG, Ipoh. "Sun Yeong Wai @ Bandar Baru Medan, Ipoh" is the branch of "Sun Yeong Wai @ Ampang, Ipoh. PLease correct your introduction of Sun Yeong Wai to PUBLIC.
FR. sun yeong wai designer.
Please notify the history of introducer before put in any advertisement.

J2Kfm said...

Janice : oops, sorry. I thought all 3 are the same, "miss designer".
and for your information, this post DOES NOT serve as an advertisement, but rather a blogpost on my experience (a positive one at that) at Sun Yeong Wai, Ampang. if this IS an advertisement, consider it as a FREE ad, beneficial to Sun Yeong Wai, rather than to myself. don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

j2kfm : Thank you on behalf of " Duck of the king @ Sun Yeong Wai". For your comment givin. It just to clarify my standpoint to avoid the confusion to the customer. By the way thanks a lot.

J2Kfm said...

understood janice. I've corrected my post. thank you.

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