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Motormouth From Ipoh

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wholesome & Healthy Meal?

Grilled Chicken Salad (RM8.90)
Lunch hours on Friday's a chore for me. Why? Because we have 2 and half hours to spare, and it's either lunch with colleagues, friends, or take a short nap at home. Though the last option is not feasible on most days, as my nap tends to have a mind of its own, extending beyond short power naps, resulting in either skipping work after lunch, or droopy eye lids for the remaining 2 hours before it's finally five ....

Lime Frost (RM6.50)

Some random pics I manage to dig from my old stash. One fine Friday, me and VV were strolling around Jusco, desperately seeking for some good food. But knowing Kinta City too well, it's either fast food joints, or a few restaurants worth dining that you can count with one hand.

Thai Spicy Tuna Salad (RM8.90)

Kenny Roger's had gone through a major revamp, looking sleeker than ever, and gaining momentum, business-wise. Not to mention a full course meal including drinks exceed RM20 per pax now. Probably the relocation helped? But still remember how Dave's Deli bombed eventhough situated at the exact same location opposite the supermarket.

Hong Kong Food & Tea, which also has a few branches in KL, opened last year, and remained as one of the few reasonably-priced outlet, serving major variety of Chinese fusion food ala Hong Kong style, but dishes out some hits and misses, so be warned.

Sushi King, Secret Recipe, Deli France, Johnny's Steamboat, Bamboo House (Chinese restaurant, but business poorly hit since the opening of Food & Tea) and Black Canyon Coffee rounded up the noteworthy restaurants in Kinta City Shopping Centre, Ipoh. Yeah, pathetic choices? You bet! =P

Iced Green Tea with Milk (RM6.50)

Anyway, lest I forget, we had a light lunch at Black Canyon's, which was quite packed from the lunch crowd. Eyed a lady next table having grilled salmon salad that looked appetizing, we were tempted to indulge healthily, for once. My Spicy Tuna Salad was sour, savoury, with lots of tuna flakes, peanuts, onions, tomatoes, chillies, and dried chillies, as well as chopped bits of lemongrass! In case you're wondering, lemongrass is one of my worst fear! But the taste was subtle, not overwhelming. Though may looked small, the portion was sufficient to sustain me for another 2 hours. Her Grilled Chicken Salad was a slight disappointment, as the vegetables were not so fresh, and the chicken breast was a tad too dry. The accompanying dressing wasn't a saving grace, served on the side but in a small sauce plate. Needless to say, the stinginess marred the experience even more.

The drinks on the other hand, were passable. Her Lime Frost was refreshing, zesty, and complimented our 'healthy lunch theme' well, as was my Iced Green Tea, albeit served with a dash (or rather, liberally dashed) of milk. Hehe ....

Location : G29, Kinta City Shopping Centre, Jln Teh Lean Swee, 31400 Ipoh.