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Friday, May 2, 2008

Suchan @ Bangsar Village 2, KL

A post dedicated to TallGal for an obvious reason she would understand. ;)

The interior of the restaurant/bakery/cafe

It was my virginal visit to Bangsar Village, and after hearing so much about Alexis from various floggers, was tempted to try their famed Tiramisu. However, as luck would have it, me and MB were searching every nook and corner but could not locate the bistro. Sigh ...

But hey, as luck would have it, my eyes sparkled once I passed this cozy little restaurant-cum-cafe-cum-bakery, Suchan. I still remember The Star did an interview with the owner few weeks/months back. With my worsening memory, how did I manage to remember? Haha, let's just say the name really rang a bell. Right, Tall Gal? LOL ... Anyhow, the place was empty, but understandable considering the vast choices of eateries around the same area, and it was a working day after all.

The sinful tiramisu (RM9.90)

We skipped the mains as our 'petite' stomachs could not sustain the onslaught of food after a substantial breakfast. Headed straight to the cakes section, and contemplating on which ones to order. They do have quite a variety for choosing, and reasonably priced at around RM9.90 per piece. I chose their famous Tiramisu, while MB chose the Banoffee Pie, recommended by the waitress at the counter. Oh, one funny thing is, most, if not all, of the employees on the floor are Vietnamese (I think). Fortunately most of them have fair diction of the English language.

Banoffie Pie (RM9.90)

The Tiramisu was superb. Really, really good stuff. The sponge is soaked with coffee syrup (and I suspect a liberal addition of rum, hehe), sandwiched with cheese and bitter chocolate chips, topped with almond pralines. The crunchy bits on top was addictive. Not too sweet, nor too bitter from the coffee powder commonly used in tiramisu, the cake was served with tangy strawberry sauce, which not only complemented the cake well, but offset the feeling of fullness which often results from desserts.

The Banoffie Pie was quite a disappointment though. The coffee cream with banana slices and toffee layer was a good combination, but fell short of the oomph factor. We could not put our fingers on what it lacked, but probably the Tiramisu was just too good, over-shadowing the humble pie. Nevertheless, the portion was sufficient and they do not skimp on the ingredients.

Hmm, the cakes gotta be good enough to attract the BIG shots, right?

Aside from their cakes and pastries section, Suchan serves a commendable variety of mains, and set meals, whereby they assist you in choosing your meal by combining various mains, desserts and drinks and categorized them according to your mood.

Location : 2F-25A, Second Floor, Bangsar Village II, No.2, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-22871914

(P/S : Btw, only when we left did we realise that Alexis is situated OUTSIDE of Bangsar Village. Hmm, fine. Next trip then. =P)

(P/S : Tall Gal, Not bad eh? One whole post dedicated to you ... Haha ...)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Thx for paying a visit to my cafe..Haha..Tell me when u come next time, discount for u.:P

sc said...

maybe the banofee pie would have tasted better if you ate it before the tiramisu? hehe..yeah, their tiramisu is delish :)

Anonymous said...

TallgaL = owner of suchan?? not bad.. we can get free meal then... hehe.. wei, the tiramisu looks yummy and it's cheaper compared to indulgence (rm 14++)... let's try nxt time n leave ur comment here see which one nicer.. :)

~Christine~Leng said...

should have drop by for the tiramisu when I was at Bangsar Village today ;P

J2Kfm said...

Tall Gal : haha, dun let praises get to your head, ok? :)

sc : yeah! probably. but it really paled in comparison to the tiramisu.

kca : yeahla! go Indulgence next time tag me along ma. Hmm ...!

christine : hehe, I am sure there are a LOT of outlets at Bangsar Village area worth dropping by?

ai wei said...

i hav yet to try out this place. their tiramisu same as alexis one. the best i can say ^^

J2Kfm said...

yeah, no wonder the tiramisu looked so alike from the photos posted. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been eating at Suchan's more than 10 years. Used to go twice a week, introduced lots of foodies. Really disappointed, devastated, at the standard of the food lately. Last visited PJ last week. Pasta was tasteless and all gummy. My mango sauce was bland soup. Cake - I asked the waitress if it was moist and she said no - it was stale and dry. Well- maybe the cook was transferred to BV.
Went to BV branch today and the viet spring rolls were again tasteless but full of some thirst-inducing flavour enhancer. Must have changed cook? Or changed management? Or tall girl, whoever, is not interested anymore?

Anonymous said...

Sorry - the waitress said yes!

J2Kfm said...

wow, i sympathize with your experience. I personally never tried their dishes, only the cakes.

stale and dry cakes? probably from mis-management? over-freeze, or left in the open?

Anonymous said...

Suchan cakes are not made by the same ppl as Alexis cakes. Even in the old days Suchan's cakes although good, always tended to dry out by late week (I think Tuesdays was their cake delivery day). They just leave the cake with the cut surface exposed in the display fridge. In the old days when the cakes were moving fast it was ok. When I visited the BV branch the cakes looked less stale but I did not eat any.
Alexis has maintained the freshness of their cakes.
They have a pecan pie which is out of this world. I had it once and each time I went back for more, they did not have it :(

J2Kfm said...

oh i get it. thanks for the explanation. the uncanny resemblance of Suchan's tiramisu to Alexis' had me thinking they're from the same source.

pecan pie? made by order? or available at their display counter?
maybe I should give them another try. NOT the Garden's outlet though.

Anonymous said...

The pecan pie is in the cake counter like the rest. I asked the captain and he said they get it a few times a week, asked me to just call and enquire. I am sure they can make it up to order - if you can take a whole pie.

Anonymous said...

Fair to say Suchan's tiramisu was superb. However, I must say the quality dropped tremendously. Reason is because they cut down on ingredients despite the hefty increase in price.

Every time I order Suchan's tiramisu, one thing is sure to happen i.e. the toppings are sure to get lesser and lesser.

Last week my in law birthday so I ordered one tiramisu with extra toppings (mainly nuts) knowing this Suchan is getting stingy on ingredients. A ha! the toppings almost the same, not lesser than last time. I was not happy but OK la, until I opened the cake box. Bloody hell it appeared this Suchan took the side toppings and put them on top of cake. So it appeared Suchan did not cut down on ingredients but in fact they did.

Damn upset. I swear I never ever buy anything from Suchan again.

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