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Motormouth From Ipoh

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday's Blues?

The office resembles a haunted setting from one of those cheesy Chinese horror movies. Seriously. More than half of the humans have left for an "important" meeting at some highlands, while the few of us were left to rot behind four walls.

The best way to counter loneliness and depression is ... E-A-T !!!!!!!!! =P

Huh? Empty geh? Drink the gravies ah?

Breakfast - Kalai Curry House @ No. 38, Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh.

A favourite Indian restaurant that also serves yummy banana leaf rice, it is about 15 minutes walk from my office. Yeah, FIFTEEN. That explains why I walked here only once throughout my 8 months tenure in my current workplace. But today's different. I willingly drove here (though only about 2km away) with Tall Gal and PLoo. Yeah, rebellious me.

Paper Thosai (Rm2)

Ploo was shocked speechless when her Paper Thosai arrived. From the menu, it looked timid and tiny, but in reality .... see above. About one metre in length, she took ~30 minutes to digest HALF of it. I took 1/4. Tastewise? Thin, crisp, but filling. Served with dhall, coconut chutney, and unknown spicy/sour chutney (probably tomato?).

Chicken Thosai (RM3)

Tall Gal was ambitious. She ordered chicken thosai, not knowing the portion served resembled a person's lunch. Wrapped inside (sorry, forgot took pic) was a huge chunk of tandoori chicken breast, and also served with the same gravy and condiments as paper thosai.

Set Poori (RM2)

An avid fan of their poori, I re-ordered them for the umpteenth time, and end up satisfied, and full. Memories of first experience having these on banana leaves, with extra dhall gravy reminded me NOT to ask for extra gravy, as their dhall contains lots of nuts and legumes, and very thick & filling.

Lunch - Brewsterlane Kitchen @ 140-142, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah (Brewster Road), 30000 Ipoh
After a heavy breakfast, we expected a lighter lunch, or possibly skip one, but KYT had a "date" with KCA, and we ended up at this restaurant along Brewster Road, right at a crossroad junction. (Notice that this Brewsterlane is NOT the same as Brewster's Restaurant as blogged before)

Fish and Chips (RM9.90)

Tall Gal and me ordered something from the Today's Special menu, avoiding the set menu for fear of exploding from over-indulging. Her fish and chips came out fine, crispy batter, served with mayonaise and thousand island dressing for the salad. But most noteworthy were the homemade deep fried potato chips. Thinly sliced and crunchy, they made great snacks for telly session. ;)

Fried Seafood Udon (RM9.90)

I chose the fried seafood udon which came with ample serving of prawns, crab sticks, salmon bits and vegetables. The udon had a chewy texture, though the Japanese sauce (the one for okonomiyaki) used was overwhelming, drowning the overall taste of the noodles.

Grilled Teriyaki Mackerel Set (RM18.90)

KCA wondered mackerel fillet has a lot of bones to pick, to which I replied probably minimal, as I remembered my grandma often ordered saba shio set (mackerel) from Japanese eateries. Luckily it was true, as the chef filleted the fish, and suffice to say, this dish took the limelight. The teriyaki sauce as usual, went really well with grilled dishes, and the sweet, succulent flesh was flavourful, and went really well with white rice.

Ground Meat Deep Fried Beef Set (RM12.90)

KYT opted for the deep fried minced beef with batter, funnily resembling 2 yam puffs (=P). The beef was fortunately not dry, and mixed with carrots and peas, before batter-fried. Suspected potatoes on the outer layer, but could not be sure as I only took one bite. The sets came with rice, soup (not miso, but chinese style soup with papaya and pumpkins!), salad, chawan misu (steamed egg), fruits and green tea.

For drinks, we ordered fresh fruit juices (RM2.50 each) as funnily enough, some basic drinks such as milk tea were not available anymore. Hmm .... Dearth of tea leaves?

Teatime - Big Apple Donuts & Coffee @ Kinta City Shopping Centre's Food Court

Big Apple finally opened its first branch in Perak last weekend, and the crowd was hot, at least for the first few days. But Mum still queued for 15 minutes for a dozen of these sweet delights;

Spot the repeats, and you'll know which are my favs ...

At RM17 for 12, it was quite a bargain. Though I grew a bit sick of them ever since binging on J.Co in KL (my record? 8-10 at one go ... imagine my sugar level spiking like mad), I could not resist trying them at least once, since they opened an outlet so near to my house. Hehe.... But dinner time liao, so how? Decisions ... decisions ....

Ended up eating a Duren Duren, and Mango Tango. Both were on par with KL's Big Apple, but of course my vote goes to the former. Creamy, smelly goodness ....

Dinner - Thum's Western Food @ .... refer old post.

Huh, after indulging for one whole day, I thought dinner would be something light. But NO, tonight's dinner include grandma, and brother as well. Journeyed to Thum's again, but I had the capati (no pics, not impressive) at RM2.20! I know flour's price is shooting up the ceiling, but this is daylight(or night time) robbery! Portion was small, served with sardine curry.

But the onion rings (RM5) plus side order of onion sauce (RM1) saved the day, as always. :)

Tomorrow's agenda? HOPEFULLY no more taxing food .... But doubtful. Again.


backStreetGluttons said...

yr 12 hour multi-brew feast must be very satisfying !

Anonymous said...

Thrust me, the chinken thosai in Kalai is reli filling.Lunch wise,the deep fried potato chips though different fr usual set lunch, i still prefer the mashed potato type. Btw, plz don't influence me so much, i dun wan to gain weight some more.:P

HairyBerry said...

OMG! so much food! and you call that wednesday blues...haha!

i miss puri so much! and a chicken thosai? sounds interesting.

again, so much food! *faint*

Elin Chia said...

Reading ur lastest post....wif all the sumptious food you had...hmmm i think it's more a Wednesday Bliss...haha ^ *

Min said...

Hey, I like Big Apple's Duren-duren. Probably will get some more this weekends..hehe.

J2Kfm said...

team bsg : hmmm, some hits and some misses for sure. :) but definitely full from all the food.

tallgal : haha, sorry to have such 'bad' influence. but today was fine right? no food crawl at all. hehe ...

nic : haha, blues cz lonely in the office, but of course, we have our ways to 'beat the blues' ! :)

elinluv : muahaha, funny when I squeezed everything I had in a day, they seemed gluttony at its best, but in fact these are more or less everyday's food? no?

szemin : agreed! :) the only advantage Big Apple holds over J Co is their Duren variety!

Anonymous said...

yeah.. i like this type of plain thosai.. haha.. make me recall my prp life in AS.. everynight thosai for supper!!!! cant believe... hehe.. but, now(sadly)... no more, no more...

J2Kfm said...

kca : the thosai was anything but plain, really. ask Tall Gal. but now also can take thosai for supper ma, outside your hz also got so many mamak shops ...

Anonymous said...

Ooo wah, Big Apple in Ipoh finally!

J2Kfm said...

yeah jason, at least the crowd here is nothing compared to JCo at pavilion. :)

Big Boys Oven said...

walio! grpwing up boy like you do really eat real huge! cool!

J2Kfm said...

big boys oven : haha, growing UP? you gotta be kidding. I'm as grown as a grown man can be. :)

Anonymous said...

wei.. where is kalai curry house?? sounds familiar.. 24-hr mamak shop? thosai serves for whole day?? or only breakfast time?? :)

J2Kfm said...

kca : it's the row of shops on the road behind Sin Yoon Loong in Old Town. Thosai i THINK whole day, but cant be sure.

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