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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Le Paris @ Greentown, Ipoh

The exterior .. (sorry, it was dark & grainy)

Initially planned for another round of Thum's crispy-licious onion rings and Teh C Special, but as luck would have it, the shop was closed. Still drowsy from emergency nap right after work, my brain could not came up with an alternative. That's when KCA's raves about Le Paris in Greentown Business Centre suddenly rang through my mind. OK, why not?

Mushroom Soup (part of Set Dinner)

Dad ordered Set Dinner (RM16.90), which came with either fish and chips/chicken chop (yeah, so much for creativity), mushroom soup and desserts. Yup, NO drinks included. Though you can ask for plain water. The soup was forgettable, and according to him, resembled the dreadful canned varieties. All this while I've a bone to pick with outlets serving soup from the can. Hehe!

Fish & Chips

His fish and chips was OK, but the bread crumbs batter was too thick, though tasteless. The saving grace? At least the dory (I assumed) was devoid of irritating mud smell.

Grilled Dory (RM11.50)

Grandma ordered grilled dory from the fish section, which also include various ways of cooking salmon, eg. Cheese Salmon, Fresh Grilled version, etc. She proclaimed that she HAD better ones, though was hesitant on passing judgment.

Seafood Fried Rice (RM6.50)

Mum had the seafood fried rice from the Asian kitchen, which houses various options eg. fried rice/noodles, Thai style dishes, etc. They even serve stir-fried bamboo mussels. The rice was fluffy, albeit slightly wet, with lots of ingredients thrown in for good measure. She enjoyed how they put a dash of Lea & Perrins sauce, just like how old-timers fry their rice.

Napolitaine Pizza (RM15.90)

KCA mentioned how delicious their signature pizza was, the Quatro Formagiano (sp?) baked with 4 types of cheese. But I opt for something different, which was the Napolitaine, regular size. Mozzarella, Italian sauce, anchovies and capers. Sounds good right? WRONG! The anchovies were tiny, mashed up versions, and were VERY salty, probably too much brine? The flat dough was not crisp even at the sides, and too soft for my liking. Luckily they did not hold back on their cheese. Should've followed KCA's recommendations then.

Btw, the pizza came with THIS huge bottle of oil. Not sure if it's olive, or something else. Can see the herbs, chillies, and leaves 'drowned' inside. Added a few dashes onto the pizza, though the taste was negligible.

Total bill for 4 came to RM56.40. NO government tax nor service charge. Pretty reasonable, but food was mediocre. Will I return for more? Probably, considering the pitiful selection of delicious Western food outlets in Ipoh.

Location : No 1, Psrn Greentown 8, Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh. Diagonally opposite Yeolde English, and Old Town Kopitiam is further down the road.


古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Le Paris?
Izzit a new restaurant?
The "Napolitaine Pizza"
looks so nice. Wonder how's the taste like =S

Anonymous said...

nice not?? haha... i tot u wil order steak?? the waitress highly recommended their steak and grilled salmon orange.. try nxt time, k?? hehe.. Quatro Formagiano baked wf 8 types of cheese not 4.. ;)

backStreetGluttons said...

we know for a fact that many ( fusion ) cafes in latest business/food centres . shopping malls with some traces of foreign identity/name are great in their outlook and always look promising initially but essentially mediocre in food taste probably because somehow we prefer old original traditional authentic Malay, Chinese, Indian tastes ! And so we have noticed these are more popular with the youngish( esp virgin ) cool crowd. If you dun like it means you are not cool ! like us becoz we are HOT !

J2Kfm said...

jeromefo : not really new though, been around for quite some time, replacing the old Friday's western food. The taste? one word : Salty.

kca : steak? No la, not really hungry, but ended up ordering pizza.hmm ... Quatro means 4 rite? somemore in the menu also written 3/4 only. i can't imagine EIGHT types, did the waitress explain which 8?

team bsg : haha, clever metaphor you have there, though not exactly HOT myself. :)

Anonymous said...

The pizza looks terrible.

J2Kfm said...

haha, looks still can tahan, but once you bite into it, the extreme saltiness of the anchovies really nauseating ...

Anonymous said...

Le Paris is already closed.

French food is french food...
Anchovies are like this in France and we enjoy it very much...
You want unsalted anchovies , You better go to any mamak store...
Please, open your minds!!!!

J2Kfm said...

Anonymous : thanks for the reminder, Le Paris has been closed for quite some time now.
mediocre food, really.
and I've tasted REAL, good anchovies; fatter, tastier, and not drowned in oil.
and not the mamak type, nor the one served with nasi lemak.

if you're French and loving the anchovies served @ Le Paris, then fine. salute ya ...