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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pick & Brew @ 1Utama

I'm now alternating between the backlog stash of KL posts, and Ipoh ones. Slowly but surely, I'm losing my memory of not only the taste of the food I've eaten, the price, and general dining experience, but also the passion to blog about everything I've stuffed myself with.
Hmm ... But it could my inner self doing the thinking, as coughing my lungs out for the past week might have some minor (or major) effect on my intellectually challenged-brain.

Notice the number of youngsters Jackson attracted? hehe ...

Anyway, this mini lunch was right after the Char Siew Pig-out Session at Famous Seremban Favourites. Yeah, good ol' wmw dropped me at 1Utama, (TQ!!!) and all I could think of was Pick & Brew. Yeah, no shopping, no walking, no sight-seeing, but only food on my mind.

The April Promo Set B (RM10)

The place was pretty tricky to locate, as it is above Soho, at the One World hotel side, therefore most shoppers may not notice this newly opened outlet. Luckily there was a signboard (not sure if it's permanent though) somewhere outside of Jusco's supermarket, else I would've walked all over before succumbing to fatigue and stuffed myself with something else. =P

During the whole month of April 2008 (which was aeons ago, sorry this could not come at a timely manner), they were serving chef's special introductory sets, at ONLY RM10 per set, where you can sample THREE items, and there were 2 sets to pick from.

Symphony (Colombia + Indonesia) RM10

Of course, Pick & Brew's main selling point IS their coffee after all, hence the name, therefore I asked for recommendation. They divide their coffee brew selection to 3 main categories, Vibrant - mild coffee, Inspirational - stronger coffee, and Passionate -strongest. Rule of the thumb for those uninitiated, like me, is to choose accordingly to meals of the day, breakfast paired with the mildest (or strongest? haha ...see? my brain overworked, again), lunch with Inspirational, and dinner with Passionate. I seek assistance when ordering, and the kind lady suggested Symphony for its buttery aroma.

The coffee came in their trademark Moka Pot (refer picture above) and one pot can brew 2+ cups. Not too strong, but not too mild, the coffee was very aromatic, and reminded me of strong black coffee, without the milk. Should've ordered something from Passionate range, to appease the coffee beast in me. :)

Roasted Lamb Rack with Onion Marmalade

The lamb was nicely roasted, but slightly chewy, and cutting them on the small plate was a chore, as I kept risking flinging the piece to the adjacent table. =P The onion marmalade was sour, and sweet, perfectly complementing the piece of lamb.

Oven Baked Potato Skin

This was a tad too dry, though I like the potato skin, but the topping of tuna & cheese (? .. sorry forgot jot down, hehe) was not moist enough. Or could be I was too busy snapping away, amidst the heavily air-conditioned seating area.

Salmon on Spinach

The salmon on spinach was the best among the three in my opinion, a generous dollop of creamy butter on top kept the flesh moist, and the salmon was sweet.

Jackson came out and said Hi, as earlier I enquired on his whereabout(yeah nosy me). He was clearly expecting a familiar face, but was shocked to find a stranger dining on his own, claiming to know him. Only when I introduced myself, or rather my blog, and mentioned Jason, wmw, teckiee etc etc did he loosen up. Nice to know you! ;)

Location : F233, First Floor Promenade, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Specifically, it is located right above Soho, which you can see from the highway (LDP, right?). It is at the One World Hotel part. Same floor with Seoul Garden as well.

Those who HAVE picked, and brewed : Jason, Simon, KampungboyCitygal, Ai Wei & a whole lot more ...


HairyBerry said...

oh, RM10 is a very good deal.

i do enjoy a little dining pleasure on my own, sometimes. hmm, but still have to take photos lar..haha!

J2Kfm said...

yeah! sadly April promo only, if not I would've tried the other set. dining alone is different, cz you can really concentrate on the food and ambience, rather than pressured to chat.

Little Inbox said...

Hmm...Would like to pay it a visit during my trip there.

J2Kfm said...

little inbox: yeah, please do ! heard quite some good reviews from floggers alike ...

Anonymous said...

Jackson tensed up?? Hard to imagine that... hahah.

J2Kfm said...

jason : haha, not tensed up, but rather, shocked to meet a stranger. hmmm, some more thought I'm a student. =P

J2Kfm said...

jason : haha, not tensed up, but rather, shocked to meet a stranger. hmmm, some more thought I'm a student. =P

J2Kfm said...

welcome! it was, my honour graced by a celebrity flogger instead? :)