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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Old Town Hits ...

Ipoh's very own Old Town area is famous not only for its patented white coffee, but also for its wide array of lip-smackingly good, cheap, and scrumptious hawker food. Not to mention the abundant of banks, government offices, and of course, bad one-way traffic. But i digress.

One of the oldest, and most famous shop is Thean Chun, or fondly known as Hall Of Mirrors (go figure, doesn't take a genius though). Located side by side with Kong Heng coffee shop, you can actually order food from the neighbouring shop. But avoid ordering chicken kuey teow soup, as Thean Chun's version is far superior.

The legendary chicken kuey teow soup (RM3.50)

Wow, inflation really strikes hard. Last year, when I started working here, a bowl of the famed noodles cost me RM3.20. Though a 30 cents hike is negligible, makes you wonder for the hundreds/thousands of bowls sold everyday, does it justify the rising cost of flour/rice? Or OVER-ly justified? :)

Nevertheless, they do not skimp on the portion or ingredients. The shrimps are fleshy and fresh, chicken strips aplenty, and smooth rice noodle (kuey teow) in heaps. The soup is very sweet, and savoury at the same time. This is definitely one of the better version in whole of Ipoh.

Chee cheong fun with Curry Pork Skin (RM3)

The uncle selling CCF is my ex-classmate's father, though he probably won't be able to recognize me now. (Else I would probably get a discount/bigger portion .. Hehe) However, both Tall Gal and PLoo commented that the CCF's standard has dropped. But judging from the thick, yummy curry, with mountains of fried shallots and sesame seeds, paired with addictive pickled green chillies, I will have to try it next time to deliver judgment.

Caramel Custard (RM2)

Thean Chun is also famous for its egg custard, and an order of the dessert will get you a free cup of iced water. Therefore you can skip their coffee/tea (which btw, is plain horrendous!). Silky smooth egg custard, fragrant and not overly sweet, the dessert deserves 2 thumbs up! But I have an aversion to egg custard. Be it caramel custard, egg tarts, or creme brulee, I love them all!!! =P

Popiah (RM1.70 each)

Of course, you can order Kong Heng's popiah and have them here, to complete your meal. Or you can indulge in some meaty, pork satay, grilled the Chinese way. Very popular choice too.

A short walk away is Hwang Chao Restaurant, a coffee shop right opposite Sin Lean Lee, which is famous for its Kam Chau Fun (Golden Char Kuey Teow). Hwang Chao is packed during lunch hour, and most patrons come for its Singapore Chicken Rice, at RM3 per plate.

Tender roasted chicken breast meat

This chicken rice stall is probably a gem unnoticed, as mostly workers from Old Town area will frequent this place, not tourists or outsiders. But the chicken rice is VERY tasty. The rice is cooked just right, each mouthful aromatic, and fluffy. The chicken is roasted perfectly, as even the breast meat is tender enough, and when dipped into its own concoction of garlic/ginger chilli sauce, the flavour is greatly enhanced.

Fried rice with anchovies, salted fish and wax sausages (RM3.50)

The other stall's fried rice is definitely meant for BIG appetite! The plate of rice can easily feed 2 moderate eaters. The ingredients used are slightly different from your usual fried rice, as plenty anchovies, salted fish, wax sausages, and long beans are included. The 'wok hei' of the dish is sufficient as well, lending a fragrant and smoky flavour.

Location : Thean Chun @ 73,Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh. Hwang Chao is a few shops down the road, at a crossroad junction.


backStreetGluttons said...

great close ups of the super rice !
the biggest we have seen !

nice roundup

HairyBerry said...

this must be yr gourmet playground for a long time already, eh?...could tell from your familiarity with all the places...awesome!

Little Inbox said...

The chee cheong fun looks a bit weird. Do tell us how it tastes when you have your try.

J2Kfm said...

team bsg : haha, yeah, in fact the portion is a bit generous. sufficient for satisfying lunch

nic : haha, I've worked here for 9 months, enough to bear fruit? ;)

little inbox : OK will sure do. but not really weird la, cz Ipoh's version of CCF with dried shrimps is usually accompanied by lots gravies, be it mushroom, chilli+sweet sauce, or curry.

Jason said...

You believe that I haven't stepped into Thean Chun before? All these times I only been to Kong Heng.

Anonymous said... from ipoh too!
I must tell you...thean chun's caramel custard is heavenly compared to those rm2.00 custard in other shops...
It's soooo good, that you can taste the charred smell in that cusatrd...OMG...miss that stuff...

J2Kfm said...

jason : haha, I believe you, cz u know what? before i started work here, i too had not been to this shop.

wenxuan : Hi fellow Ipoh-an!!! :)
glad you stumble upon my blog. Yeah, the caramel custard is really one of the best, if not THE best in Ipoh.

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