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Motormouth From Ipoh

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ipoh Mali (Talak Sombong) back to Ipoh @ A'Shore

Jason came back for the weekend FINALLY, (",) probably to celebrate a 'slightly' belated Mother's Day with his Mum. Went out for lunch, initially planned for another place but that was closed. (Why do some shops choose to close on Saturdays anyway?!) Crawled over to Sin Hup Kee, but no parking space. End up re-visiting A'Shore, which was pretty calm (read:empty) that afternoon.

A'Shore Spicy Noodle (RM6.50)

Though it takes two to tango, two aren't a crowd however, and ordering 'dai chow' type of dishes would be irrational. Thus, we chose to order something lighter from their noodles menu. They serve a multitude of noodles, and rice suited for individual diner. Price ranging from RM5.90 to RM10.

One usual tactic I practise when it comes to ordering food from a menu with vast selections is to either choose what the other customers are chomping (in this case, doesn't work as we were the ONLY ones there), OR browse the menu for the dish with the brightest/vibrant/biggest picture, indicating signature dishes. That was how I chose their A'Shore Spicy Noodle (Ma Lat Meen).

Strictly one for spicy food lovers, the noodle came in a BIG bowl, garnished with so much minced meat and vegetables that the noodles were totally buried underneath, hidden from daylight. The type of noodles they use reminded me of ramen/pan mee variety, springy (QQ?) and delivers a satisfying bite. The freshly shredded vegetables provided a refreshing crunch and adequeate fibre (hehe). The minced meat topping, with 2 big medium-sized prawns kind of resembles 'Cha Cheong Meen', a type of Szechuan noodle dish. Dried chilli flakes, bird's eye chilli, and red chilli provided much of the kick, and poor Jason was probably burnt from the fire I breathed. =O

Kong Kam Noodles (RM6.90)

Jason had the Kong Kam Noodle (or Kam Kong? correct me, yeah? =P) which came with shrimps, squids, pork slices, and various vegetables (LOL, I just describe from the pic as Jason was quiet when indulging in his bowl. His bowl of noodles, that is. Tastewise? He claimed it was OK, not sure leaning more towards the tasty end or vice versa. But from the looks of it, fried egg noodle (yee mee?) in 'wat tan hor'-like gravy can't go wrong. Plus the serving was rather huge.

Papa, where's the egg? =P

Jason had carrot juice, or something like that. I opted for their Icy Desserts section, choosing Soursop (durian belanda) flavour (RM5.50), which arrived in a bowl with lots of shaved ice ala ABC, plentiful of soursop flesh to sink my teeth into, and some strange, wriggly, colourful (albeit slightly obscene to the corrupted minds) creatures that provided plenty of bite. (heh heh)

The food and drinks are reasonably priced. Customers started to trickle in soon after we parked out butts. The place may be hidden from public view, at a backlane, but through word of mouth, is starting to gain momentum. Let's hope they do not surrender to inflation/temptation/success and mutates into another run-of-the-mill expensive restaurant with no substance.

Location : Kindly refer old post, HERE.

For Jason's recollection of the meal, PLUS better quality photos (=P), click HERE.


backStreetGluttons said...

Tai Chows can be very good and cheap like the Paris Restaurant in SS2 PJ, which became De Restaurant in PJ which became the Burmese enclave which today is another ordinary restaurant.

Most backStreet TCs are good ! they are a team bsg all time favorite and was how we hatched our name

Duckie said...

hi, thanks for visiting my blog. you have an interesting blog too!!!

by the way, the apom guy is still selling. apom in the morning and putu mayam at night.

Anonymous said...

Hehe eh James are you a McD fan? Didn't go for the Big Mac Chant ar? Maybe a posting on McD? Lol

New Kid on the Blog said...

you guys know each other??? amazing!

J2Kfm said...

team bsg : yeah, it's great that you guys form such a fun food gang, ready for anything and everything .... :)

duckie : oh really? i'll be sure to go at night then! plus, i love the pulau tikus market charkueyteow at nite!

jay : haha, I AM a McD fan, was thinking of going for free Big Macs, but have to buy value meal b4 eligible woh ... I also seldom eat McD liao. u did?

NKOTB : amazing? =P not really la, both Ipoh lang ma ...

Jason said...

Uh oh, so efficient de.

It's Kong Nam, you got it right. And no lah, I didn't see you breathed any fire :p

Hulk said...

Tried several dishes...least favourite is the KongNam wa-tan-hor stlye. Felt it tasteless..Try the Hokien Mee, its nice. My favourite though size of noodle not "Hulk" size.

Anonymous said...

sniff! ive missed it! must email u earlier next time

wmw said...

Aren't you happy to have a kaki lang come back and makan together! heheh...

sc said...

the kong nam meen looks way too diluted. no wonder jason said it was ok only.. wriggly creatures? arent those tadpoles? what were you thinking of then? :p

J2Kfm said...

Hulk : oh really? but from the sheer amount of ingredients peppered in, I thought the Kong Nam noodle was reasonably good. hehe

kampungboycitygal : citygal, I felt bad too, cz I myself seldom check my email. =P just drop me a comment here 1st next time ya?

wmw : yeah! hehe. think you should understand the ecstasy of the dining experience. =P

sc : yeah, they offered nice bites to the otherwise pretty bland ice shavings. what was I thinking? ;)

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