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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yam(my) Yam(my) !!!

Short post on a cool afternoon .... In a matter of hours, I'd be stranded in a remote land, with probably no coverage, no good food (in fact, maybe NO food at all, bar those provided by the host) and hopefully, the place has basic amenities to satisfy the poor city souls (that's us), bracing ourselves for the potential culture shock.

Claypot Assam Fish Fillet

Second visit to Yam Yam Seafood Restaurant in Ipoh Garden South, (for my virginal take, click HERE). Forgot what the event was, probably a routine family dinner back in April or May.

Steamed Squid with Spicy and Sour Sauce

Of course, my poor memory fails me whenever I'm trying to recall the taste, name of the dish, and the price for each. Especially with no receipt, or notes jotted. So, pardon me? :)

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves

The squids and grouper fish slices in assam gravy stole the limelight that evening, as expected, for they are after all, a SEAFOOD restaurant. The steamed squids in particular, got my vote, as I usually go for fried squids, or sambal sotong, rarely opt for the steamed variety. But the piquant taste, slightly tangy from the drizzles of lime juice, paired with the bird's eye chillis and garlic, accentuate the freshness and the springy texture of the squids. One word : YAMmy!!

Oyster Omelette (Or Chien)

Tung Po Yuk (Braised Pork in Soy Sauce)

The other dishes fared well, but the Tung Po Yuk did not impress. The cuts were fat no doubt, though enough lean portion to satiate a diet freak, but the gravy was not flavourful, compared to some others in Chinese restaurants.

Overall, a pretty satisfying meal, but a bone to pick here was that the lady owner in his 50's (I assumed) is a bit arrogant. Let's just say, her mistake resulted in us consuming not one, not two but THREE green vegetable dishes. But of course, we un-willingly paid for them, though not one word of apology escaped from her mouth. Hmmm ...... Total damage came to around RM90 for 6 of us.

Location : Refer old post HERE.

Til then, wish me LUCK, and pray that we manage to locate the forsaken place, possibly not detectable with GPS, nor even exist in the maps .... But really, I may be slightly dramatic here, now hands up who have heard of Changkat Lada? Au revoir.


minchow said...

Hey, I'm new on yr blog and wow, Ipoh looks like a kick-ass town to eat up! Love every dish you had here... especially the squid! Pity about arrogant owners, they do spoil what would otherwise be a great dining experience.

Anonymous said...

The squid dish looks absolutely delish!! I like the looks of the oyster omelette it's fried in tons of oil resulting in really crisp/crunchy bits.

Anonymous said...

RM90 for 6 is quite OK I guess.. if the food's really good I won't mind the bad/arrogant attitude actually, LOL

CK Lam said...

So far, I have not come across this method of steaming squid in Pg ... looks appetizing.
Each place does have its own specialities.

Tummythoz said...

Remote? Forsaken? Happy running with wildboars!

If I've not seen it with my own eyes, never would I believe these pictures were taken with a handphone!

backStreetGluttons said...

must be the period, one of us will say. next time try mid month should be fine haha

New Kid on the Blog said...

Eh, you didn't try their ginger steam chicken that serves in claypot? I had it once, it was so fabulous!!

J2Kfm said...

550mL jar of faith : hi there! welcome, and yes, Ipoh has its charm when it comes to food.

lyrical lemongrass :yup, the omelette is really cripsy at the sides, and the squids were real good.

vkeong : I guess so. :) not really that arrogant, but at least apologize for their own mistake?

ck lam : I read about steamed squids somewhere in the food-blogosphere last time. a diff approach, that bears fruit.

tummythoz : wildboars? nah ... too 'saintly' to have wildboars, if you know what i mean. tonnes of insects though.

bsg : LOL. I guess some (hint:an even worse lady owner of the posh-est boutique restaurant in Ipoh) has them 30days/mth. hehe ...

NKOTB : yeah, I forgot bout ur recommendation that evening. this wont be our last visit there, at least I hope so.