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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Street Food for everyday lunch ...

Here's a snippet of some of our haunts during lunch hour. As our lunch time is practically uncontrolled (translation : nobody cares much even if we stuff our faces for 2 hours straight!), sometimes we tend to stray, away from our office in Old Town just for a breath of fresh air, or in this case, for any array of temptations elsewhere to satiate our tastebuds .... ;)
~~ Pin Sum Restaurant @ Menglembu ~~

Pin Sum Restaurant

Situated right in Menglembu old town area, on Jalan Besar (Main Road) itself, is this restaurant serving Chinese dishes, noodles, as well as roast duck/roast pork and the like.

Roasted Duck

I was tempted to try their roasted items, as my salivary gland went to overdrive mode while passing by the counter. However, the roast duck was a disappointment, the skin not crispy, and the marination not sufficient. Lots of dipping sauce is necessary to 'enhance' the flavour.

Salty Pork

At the same counter with various dishes, I spotted some strips of fatty pork meat, fried til golden brown. They name this Ham Chu Yuk (Salty Pork). Well, as the name suggested, the chef was REALLY generous with the salt, or whatever they used to marinate them, as the saltiness was jaw-numbing. Plus, the pork was not crispy, requiring some jaw exercise. Hmmm ....

Kailan with Roasted Pork Rice

Luckily, KYT's order of the above managed to score well, as he did not complain much, other than the fatty meat and skin of the pork, which I willingly savour, in delight. Hehe ... I mean, who eats roast pork WITHOUT the skin? Huh??

Signature Noodle (forgot the real name, sorry ... =P)

My noodles was akin to yee mee, braised with mushrooms, mustard greens (choy sum), minced pork and LOTS of dried cuttlefish (diu pin). The gravy was yummy, and very flavourful. Thumbs up for this dish.

We realised mosf of the other tables ordered rice and dishes instead, therefore consider yourself warned if you intend to go for the cooked dishes at the front counter.

Total damage? RM21.40 including drinks. Reasonable, as the restaurant is air-conditioned. Place is packed during lunch hour, so do try to come early.

Location : On Jalan Besar, Menglembu. Coming from town towards Menglembu, you'll reach the roundabout with GIANT groundnuts. Take the right fork, and go straight. You'll passed by some police quarters on your left, and Pin Sum is further down the road, on your left.

~~ Fatt Kee @ Old Town's Ipoh Padang ~~

The evergreen Indian rojak stall

Facing the Ipoh Padang, on the same row with Old Town Kopitiam, is this old coffee shop named Fatt Kee, which has been around since I was small. Memories of the most delicious 'pasembur' or Indian rojak flooded my mind whenever I passed by this shop. However, some years ago, Mum claimed that the rojak stall has moved. =(

Indian rojak (RM2.80)

This afternoon (yeah, this IS recent) me and KYT were at loss on where to eat. Then he suggested Fatt Kee, as it's within walking distance and he had a good wantan mee sometime ago. I was taken aback when I witnessed the lunch crowd, as I did not expect to see this shop crowded. Peculiarly, Malay patrons were quite a number, indicating HALAL food being served.

Wantan Mee with Bean Sprouts ?! (Rm2.80)

He ordered the wantan mee, which offered a twist from the norm, as bean sprouts was served, instead of 'choy sum'. However, he commented that the noodles is good, though I tried a piece of the wantan and found it ordinary. But at ONLY RM2.80, who's complaining?

As for the Indian rojak, what can I say? This might be the SAME stall that has been in business for a century. Yup, it's printed on the Star, which they proudly display on the wall. Tastewise? Certainly one of the best in Ipoh, though I prefer the Penang's Batu Lancang's version more.

The shop only houses 2 stalls. The noodle stall also sells Hainan Curry Mee, and Hainan Toast. The milk tea is frothy and nice (sorry, no pic), an uncanny resemblance to Hainan style milk tea.

Location : Fatt Kee @ Ipoh Padang, Old Town. Same row with Momo Steamboat, Mixed Cuisine, and Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam.

~~ Hwang Chao @ Old Town ~~

Braised Egg Noodles (Mun Yee Meen)

Something else from Hwang Chao, other than their Singaporean chicken rice is this stall selling fried noodles and rice.

Wat Tan Hor (Braised Flat Rice Noodle with Egg Gravy)

Affordable, and offers a variety of delicious individual servings, Hwang Chao certainly deserves attention, though it attracts mainly the office crowd. But that's fine, as the shop is crowded during peak hours anyway .... Muahaha, the selfish nature of the motormouth ... =P

Location : Refer old post HERE. The ONLY yellow building in Old Town.


Ciki said...

mmmmm yum! roast duck and salty pork.. 2 of my all time favs! hunger pangs!

SuwEi said...

Hey, i tot d last pic taken in Hwang Chao is my 'wui fan':P

J2Kfm said...

cumi & ciki : haha, but pity not so nice though ...

suwei : yeah, that was the day when I did not eat anything, I guess ... :)