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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Indian Affair @ Pakeeza Restaurant, Ipoh

How often is it that you heard of someone, from Chinese origin, craves for Indian food? Seldom? Yeah, especially in Ipoh, when the dearth of authentic Indian food limits your picks to either the mamak stalls, or stalls serving south indian curry rice only.

A taste ABOVE the rest ... believe THAT ...

Pakeeza has been around since, well, forever. Yup, I was here when I was still an immature kid, tagging along, not knowing what's in store and what's the hype was about this Indian restaurant serving North Indian cuisine in town. (I think the term Greentown has not even existed at that moment)

Mango Lassi RM4.50

The lassi tasted smooth, and creamy enough, with refreshing mango flavour, but not to the point where you feel like drinking a cordial drink aka too thick mango taste.

The arch/mirror welcoming the patrons. But kind of IN the way, does it not?

Papadam (Indian crackers) RM0.70

Were served papadams as appetizers, though we initially thought they were complimentary. =P But 4 pieces of huge papadams for a mere 70 cents sound good enough, no?

Garlic Naan (RM3.90)

Kashmiri Naan (RM3.90)

Their naan breads are their specialty, providing the patrons with roughly 8 choices. Soft, fluffy, and full of flavour, the bread goes well with their curries, and other side dishes. Eaten on its own, they're delicious as well. Cut into 4 large pieces, resembling pizza albeit Indian style, highly recommended as an alternative for your carbo cravings.

Mutton Kofta (RM7.50)

Mutton kofta is spiced mutton meatballs with saffron sauce, served with chunks of potatoes swimming the aromatic, and flavourful gravy, akin to curry. Though only 2 pieces of meatballs were served, they were marinated well, and no traces of veins/unsavoury bits were detected.

Tandoori Chicken (RM7.00)

Of course, naan when paired with tandoori chicken, are a match made in heaven. The chicken meat was succelent, meaty, and tasted delicious, from the spices used and the way the chicken was grilled. Though would appreciate it if the dish was served with more condiments and gravies.

Palak Paneer (RM5.50)

The highlight of the night was no doubt, the palak paneer, a dish of mashed spinach with homemade cottage cheese. Still remember the taste vividly from years ago, I knew I had to order it for old times' sake. Very rich, creamy, required no chewing at all. Quite filling, don't look down on the small serving.

Location : 15-17, Jln Dato Seri Ahmad Said (Green Lane), 30450 Ipoh. Specifically, it is situated in Greenhill area, opposite Regal's Lodge hotel on the other side of the road. Tel : 05-2414243, 05-2530407.


Little Inbox said...

Quite a long time didn't go for Indian food. For the Palak Paneer, I remember I watched its making method on Astro before. Never try it so, cannot imagine how does it taste.

Anonymous said...

the naans look nice la.. and i miss the mango lassi.. wanna try one day... :) but the Palak Panneer looked a bit errrr...disgusting... haha.. popeye's favourite?? =P

backStreetGluttons said...

Those days I have vivid memories of fresh garlic naan bread with "kari mutton" and mint sauces in a moghul shop in Jln Tar KL.These stuff are pretty good if fresh from the big oven ( moghul pride )!

Goes well too with beers the tandoori chickens ( can do that in Camerons )

but very hard to find good ones in town so this shud be noted


Anonymous said...

Ah...Mango Lassi...Rmbr whn i was 1st exposed to it bk in Annalakshmi, an Indian restaurant bk whn we were in Pg those days...maybe one day we shud go bk thr & make some review especially whn the lady boss commented a few years bk in the Star dat "the pay as u wish" is always welcomed.True?Instead,i think ppl shud know it's unjustified especially the way she treated us students though we brought many frens & business over...

HairyBerry said...

me! me! me! i'm chinese and i lurve indian food! especially the kaki lima banana leaf rice with mutton curry!!! hehehe...

wow, that's a nice spread palak paneer somemore...nice ambiance as well.

Anonymous said...

Good read, there are a few Indian restaurants around my area. I guess I will have to check them out, the food looks delicious....Xenophobia

Hulk said...

Actually the last I eat there was 5 years back with my Branch Manager then as we got no way to go for halal food since my boss is the only Muslim. I quite enjoy food there. My BM's favourite.
Now my office is just a walking distance away & yet I have never step into the restaurant ever since. I will defiantely since I now craved for such Indian Food. I use to frequent the Anderson School's cafe & had my banana leaf lunch almost every weekend.
However..from the pixs..the serving is kinda of small eh?? Tot the Mutton (my favourite dish) is just 4 spoonfull away only.
Wonder if its enuff for 2 hungy adults??
Ya..any recommends or any discovery of a new Indian makan place.

sc said...

they should not charge for pampadams! even if it's just RM0.70! i love palak paneer, have you tried their punjabi counterpart? saag? it's delicious too!

Bernsy said...

great stuff u got there, really have to sacrifice the usual chinese we eat when we drop by at Ipoh for something indian la.... nice

Nice blog u got here... my first time here

J2Kfm said...

little inbox : normally you'd expect very 'green & raw' vege taste/smell when blended right? but this one is so smooth, and creamy you feel like eating baby's food. =)

kca : looks maybe deceiving? try them, but also depends on personal's preference la.

team bsg : do give them a try. though not exactly posh setting, or absolute culinary delight, but the reasonably priced items wont burn a hole in your pocket.

MBoy : hmmm, MUST you make a stand on my blog? =P hehe ... yeah, i know kinda fake when you can pay all you want, but instead they set a limit. but it's all for charity anyway.

J2Kfm said...

nic : yeah, I enjoyed Indian fare immensely, probably cz my cravings for spicy food!

rufus : thanks for visiting!

hulk : last time I used to work in Ipoh Hosp, even nearer! the serving is small, but priced accordingly? so you can order more and sample more dishes. Kalai curry house is another one of my fav place for banana leaf curry, as well as poori/naan/roti.

sc : where is this Saag place? sounds intriguing. never try Punjabi food though.

bernsy : hi! welcome, and thanks for dropping by. I'm a follower of Daily Rantings as well. :)

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Finally got some indian foods review.If i go there and eat, i sure will order Mutton Kofta!
Mutton is always my fav choice when comes to indian foods.=)

J2Kfm said...

jerome : oh they have a lot of other mutton and beef dishes in fact. you'd be spoilt for choice.

Rebecca Saw said...

just went to Pakeeza at PJ Sect 14 yest so when i saw 'pakeeza' post, i had to click! ;p
Yup, it is the same. down to the food and prices and decor.
And i so totally agree.. great stuffs! so reasonably priced too. A high level above the mamaks but pricing almost same (KL la)

Anonymous said...

Found an alternate review about pakeeza

totally different perspective.

Anonymous said...

hi guys...
on my birthday , my family was treated me here....
that's my 1st time....
but...all the food here very delicious and great!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up...and why not you open your branch at kajang...i believe that there will many pepole who will go to your restaurant!!!!believe me....kay...your customer services also the best!!1
keep it up!!!!!!!!

J2Kfm said...

Thanks Anonymous.
But I am not the owner of Pakeeza, nor affiliated with them in any way. I am an independent food blogger. That's all. :)