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Motormouth From Ipoh

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Indonesian Delights from Waroeng Penyet @ The Curve

By now, if you're one keen follower of food blogs from Malaysia, you would've noticed this Indonesian chain of fast food restaurant, with its 1st branch here, in Malaysia.

Documenting their success over the causeway ...

Fast food outlets are a dime a dozen in Malaysia. But one that serves traditional Indonesian food in a modern setting is quite unheard of.

Write down your order on a piece of paper provided, then pay at the counter before the food is served at your table ...

Ayam Penyet (RM7.90)

Their signature dish is their Ayam Penyet, or Indonesian style Flattened Fried Chicken. Supposedly flattened to tenderize the meat. Unlike the usual ayam goreng from Nasi Kandar stalls, or Malay style fried chicken, the one served here is marinated with some special sauce, before deep-frying, and served with crunchy batter. Expected the meat to be dry, but luckily it wasn't. The sambal is fiery, but you can request for milder version if desired.

Gado-Gado (Indonesian salad in peanut sauce) RM5.90

The gado-gado however, was a disappointment. I expected the peanut gravy to be chunkier, and nuttier. Too diluted for my liking.

Indonesian Milk Tea and Soda Gembira (Happy Soda .. Wa-Hey!!! =P)

Tempted to try their avocado juice, but the streaky chocolate sauce put me off. Probably next time. Haha .... The milk tea was good, at only RM2.50, while the Soda Gembira is a mixture of F&N Strawberry Soda, and evaporated milk. (RM3.50). Surprisingly, their drinks menu is quite extended, and a cute warning stating : "Caution! some of these beverages are addictive! Enjoy at your own risk. " Oopps .... Guess I gotta go satiate my cravings soon .... ;)

Their menu covers various other penyet-able items, such as beef, pomfret, prawns, chicken wings etc. They also serve grilled items, as well as stews and soups. Worth a try, before the novelty wears off?

Location : The Curve, 1st Floor, Unit 132, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya. Tel : 603-77106761. Log on to for more information.

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Big Boys Oven said...

I love their deep fried chicken come with sambal, oh so so delicious which I got to confess!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sigh..blogger from ipoh try d..but me from kl..still have yet to try..

so its good eh? must try then..

Ciki said...

wow.. flattened chicken and gado-gado.. i must try.. since i hardly eat malay food. cool :)

Anonymous said...

Aiks! I should have come here yesterday! But I don't remember whether it's in Curve or Ikano, so we ended up in Ikano instead.

CRIZ LAI said...

Look interesting. Maybe next trip when I'm down that area. The gado gado sauce from the look from the photo is really diluted. If not there would be some thick peanut gravy stuck on top :P

J2Kfm said...

BBO : yeah, the sambal looks harmless, but burns the tongue once taken in spoonfuls!

joe : yeah, least its something different from everyday affair I guess ...

cumi & ciki : I eat Malay food a lot, mainly cz my colleagues are Muslims. So, my palate is accustomed to spicy food I guess. :)

Jason : it's between The Curve and Ikano on the 1st floor. kinda easy to miss.

crizlai : yeah, gotta admit the gado-gado was disappointing.

backStreetGluttons said...

Looks like many new eating shops here with many young pretty faces !
We definitely dunno this one , nor the other 99% as we only go straight to the cineleisure. We havent got any impression of Indon food yet ( girls yes )haha !

Par said...

I would like to eat Indonesian style Flattened Fried Chicken, need to check out a place that have them...hehe

J2Kfm said...

BSG : Cineleisure? infested with gals from over the straits? =)

KAY : I'm sure there are plenty in KL, just waiting to be discovered. But this one is commercialized, a brilliant idea to attract the outstation crowd, like ME! :)

HairyBerry said...

wah, if only randomness is so appetising at my side. random lunch is a toss between fried rice or fried noodle. only. so sad!

tried the penyet in singapore. spicy sambal, that's for sure! haha!

J2Kfm said...

nic : u mean in Spore? hehe ... no comments. :)
yeah, the sambal reli leaves a kick, fiery one at that!

Anonymous said...

I always thought Ayam Penyet Ria is the original or rather a pioneer in starting up good quality authentic Indonesian food chain...

I have tried Ayam Penyet Ria branches in S'pore, pretty good..U should try when u have a chance!

Never heard of this Indonesian chain though, however, I am sure one could never go wrong with spicy and full flavoured Indonesian fare :)