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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taiping Getaway (Part 1)

Wow, finally I'm able to journey to KL once again starting tomorrow, thus, keeping my fingers crossed for another potential glutton getaway. =P

Did not bother to ask what's the uncle selling/doing with a typewriter in front of the restaurant ....

Let me post my last blog for the week by introducing some Taiping food. In fact, this is my 2nd trip here in 2 weeks. The 1st was not memorable in terms of food, but the hotel (Kama Lodge) is worth noting. This 2nd trip required me and KYT to stay overnight, and luckily managed to get a LOT of work done in a matter of 24 hours.

Preserved salted lime juice aka 'Ham Kam Kat' (RM1.50)

Brought here by a local, as the lady boss is a relative of one of her colleague's. Situated on Jalan Kota, right smack in town area, this shop somehow managed to preserve the colonial look and feel, with wooden benches commonly found in Penang's coffee shops (eg. Kek Seng).

We saw a few jars of 'kam kat' (lime?) in preservation at the parking lot next to the shop itself. Supposedly cooling and good for HOT weather. Half-expected them to be salty/sourish and difficult to swallow, as I'm not a fan of sour drinks. But pleasantly surprised by the palatable taste.

Satay Chicken Rice (RM3.80)

They sell a variety of rice and noodles, and prices ranging from RM3 to RM6 per plate. Reasonable, I'd say. The shop was half full, eventhough it was only 12 noon. KYT had the Satay Chicken Rice, suspiciously resembling Kam Heong style. But the chicken was good, marinated well, and the ever-fussy KYT gave his seal of approval. =P

Kerabu Chicken Rice (RM3.50)

The gals (yeah, all THREE of them ... ain't we the lucky lot? hehe) ordered the same dish, Kerabu Chicken Rice, therefore I was tempted to, accordingly. To order the same dish, mind you, no other hidden agenda. LOL.

Tastewise? Moderate. Probably I was expecting too much, but the rice was tasteless though fried with egg, and fluffy enough. The strips of fried chicken, dipped in the spicy & sour sauce also did not manage to satisfy this glutton. KYT nodded in agreement.

Location : 5, Jalan Kota, 34000 Taiping. Very easy to find, at the far end of Jalan Kota if you're coming from the toll exit of southern Taiping (Taiping/Changkat Jering). Jalan Kota is one of the main roads, parallel to Jalan Taming Sari or Main Road of Taiping town.

Bismillah Cendol by the sidewalk

Still craving for more, as the portion served at Lian Thong was skimpy(nothing dirty on my mind, really!). Nearby Taiping Hospital, on Jalan Barrack, is this famous cendol stall, serving possibly Taiping's most talk-about dessert at a shack, and by the pathway.

Gal : Wah ... gaya lah 'pose' ni !! =)

There was a laksa stall by the roadside, in case you crave for something substantial, but for us, a chilled bowl of cendol would do just fine. You can sit inside the shop/shack, or by the sidewalk.

Cendol Pulut with Red Beans (RM1.40)

Possibly one-off chance to try them, we chose the one with everything, pulut (glutinous rice) and red beans. Cooling, sweet, refreshing, it was all we could ask for after torched by the merciless sun. However, the pulut was a disappointment, we detected charred ends, and they came in lumpy, tough-to-chew texture. On a positive note, the serving was generous, with BIG red beans thrown in for good measure. Just skip the pulut when you order.

Part 2 - to be posted as soon as I returned from KL .... Bon Voyage?


JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

All the price are so cheap!
Foods look good too =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i doubt i can find 3.80 (rice with meat) in kl anymore..lucky ipoh ppl haha

Elin Chia said...

Tsk..tsk lucky you. Travelling all the time and makaning all the time :0 ...sure envy you leh (",)
I want ur kind of job la....heehee just kidding. Enjoy ur trip:)

The chendol doesn't look tempting here. Btw do you know where the famous chendol (Ipoh Padang)has gone to? Been looking for the stall since. No one seems to know where the stall has gone to ;)

Hulk said...

Hulk sad no longer cheap anymore. All gone up. Perhaps price in smaller town is sustainable such as Taiping, Sitiawan. It will gradually increase..definately!!
Each time I go visiting Taiping, I'm pretty lost for good eatery outlet. I stick to the large food court....But there's this popular Poriddge near to Taiping Medical centre which I have yet tested. I even try hunting for the fame cendol (after watching Ho Chiak) but failed.
But looking at the pixs..I guess it fail to better S'wan fame chendol. Could even loose out to the Bercham Padang area. Beans must be (HULK)SMASHED..then it taste good. The chendol must be juicy fat. As ssid I like Chendol.


J2Kfm said...

jeromefo : cheap, as they may be, but the quality was just so-so

joe : lucky TAIPING ppl, u mean? :)
though in Ipoh, a plate of rice with chicken/pork costs RM4 and above.

elinluv : I envy you too, with piggies enjoying your home-cooked food!
cendol Ipoh Padang? hmm, no idea, but will find some info

hulk : haven't watch 'your' movie yet, bet it'll be better than Ang Lee's version, huh? :)

Little Inbox said...

Here once I found a tasty chendol pulut, but the standard deteriorate when I revisited. Disappointed.

J2Kfm said...

little inbox : yeah, without the pulut, the cendol was OK, but the chewy and tough pulut just did not cut it.

Anonymous said...

i used to "yam cha" with my friends at Lian Tong every sunday morning last time. besides, u may found alot of delicious foods in taiping, like for e.g. fish ball chow kuey teow, which u couldnt find in other place but only in taiping, soyabean and tau fu fa in taiping hawker centre, kaya pie in aulong, a small kampung 2 km far from taiping town, etc.

J2Kfm said...

hi santa, welcome. I've bought some biscuits from Aulong before, the Heong Peng specifically.
thanks for your recommendations.

Anonymous said...

aiiyah!!i should have check this post
earlier,coz on the 2nd day of Raya ,my hubby drove me to Kamunting to support RPK and later was looking for makan in Taiping but hve no idea what is famous there just ate malay food at the highway R&R area.

J2Kfm said...

hi ipoh aunty, Taiping/Kamunting has a LOT of good restaurants and cafes, it seems. but I'm still discovering, no less.

Anonymous said...

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