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Motormouth From Ipoh

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kampar-Tapah-Bidor-Teluk Intan in 8 hours

Over-travelled. Is there such a word? For if there is, I'm certainly on the brink of achieving nirvana this week, imagine waking up in 3 different places in a week, covering from North to South of Perak, and then some ...

Relaxing with a cuppa during working hours ...

A short post first, more detailed posts later. We, the original Food Gang (me, KYT, TallGal & FCOE) embarked on a journey down south, covering 4 towns, in hopes of finishing the job within a day's worth of work. Initially thinking of skipping breakfast due to time constraints, though I was hoping to pay the Kampar morning market food court a visit. =(

When it was Tall Gal and KYT's turn to do some work, me and FCOE stole some precious time and in a flash, parked our car, and subsequently our butts (hehe) at a mamak restaurant in Tapah, right opposite the bus station, named Restoran Haji.

Roti Telur with Dhal Curry (RM1.80)

The shop covers 2 lots, with a small crowd chatting over breakfast (typical of residents in smaller towns to take things easy and enjoy life as we all should?). I requested for murtabak. None. Capati? None as well, though their menu stated otherwise on the wall. Only roti canai and telur. Oh well ... Talk about options. Roti telur dua then.

Wrapped in a thin roti canai, the omelette was good enough, though paled in comparison to Penang's Argyll Road's version. The addition of green chillies added some kick, though not spicy at all. =P Their dhal and curry was good, not of the diluted kind. By the time Tall Gal and KYT came over, we were nearly finished, thus they only managed a glass of Milo each. Muahaha ........

Location : Restoran Haji opposite Tapah bus station, on a road parallel to Jalan Stesen where we had the Cendol Pulut previously.

This restaurant holds wedding functions way back then ...

Then work took us to Bidor, a bigger town some 15km away. This time we did not visit Pun Chun, for every previous visit to Bidor, Pun Chun (famed for duck noodles, yam puffs) would be our spot for lunch. We went to a restaurant on the way to Sungkai, a famous name every Bidoran should recognize. Tien Tien Lai Seafood Restaurant.

Braised Yee Mee (RM4.50)

I practically grew up visiting Sungkai very often, as my late grandpa was from there. Therefore, the old trunk road from Ipoh to Sungkai has become quite a routine route for our family. Back then, whenever there is any wedding ceremony, or grandpa feels like treating the whole family, we would head to this restaurant in Bidor.

They serve economy rice during lunch, in addition to dai-chow style dishes, and individual meals. Still feeling bloated from breakfast in Tapah, we chose to order lightly, hehe, at least I think we did. I picked the yee mee (egg noodles) while all 3 of them chose Ginger and Onion Chicken Rice. Komplot ah?!

Ginger and Onion Chicken with rice (RM5)

The food was acceptable, and the portion was humongous. They do not skimp on the ingredients, that's for sure. You can choose to sit inside with air-conditioning, OR outside and bask in the sun. The choice, was obvious for us, the spoiled lot. Haha ....

Location : Restoran Makanan Laut Tien Tien Lai @ No 1, Taman Kandiah, Jalan Sungkai, 35500 Bidor, Perak. Tel : 05-4342819

Til then .... wait for my Taiping post later 2nite, ya?


Anonymous said...

crazee wonder u said that its tiring..but the food make up for it rite

backStreetGluttons said...

for your hard eating and eating you deserve an award !

J2Kfm said...

kampungboycitygal : yeah, now you know. :) it's not all Facebooking, MSN, and dozing off in office. hehe, though somedays that's what we do!

BSG : hard eating and eating? hey! don't I get anything for my hard work? *wink*

Anonymous said...

Tien Tien Lai - this name can be found all around, isn't it?

J2Kfm said...

really? any other restaurants with the same name? Hoy Tin Lau? hehe

See Teck said...

When I'm back in my hometown, i always take my family to Restoren Makanan Laut Tien Tien Lai for dinner. Why, because the food is good and cheap! And not forgetting with air-cond!

J2Kfm said...

see teck : hey, nice seeing you here! yeah, the air cond plus reasonable food is attractive.

Wilbur L. said...

hi i am a Bidorian! just pass by and want to recommend u another fancy eating spot in Bidor which is May Wah wantan mee just opposite to KFC, try it out and wish u enjoy it, esp the gon lou type!!

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