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Motormouth From Ipoh

Friday, June 6, 2008

And I Would Walk 100 Miles ....

Realized this is my 100th post!!! From a naive non-blogging savvy green boy to an amateur food blogger. (When will I ever be a professional? =P) Thanks to most of the floggers who directly/indirectly encouraged me in pursuing my newfound interest. Blogging that is, NOT eating. Binging has always been my fav pastime anyway. Muahaha ....
Last Monday, we were required to travel to Penang, for an hour course. WHAT? Yeah, supposedly only 60 minutes of talk, but prolonged until 4 hours of talk + field work. Good thing I embarked a day in advance, and stayed at Sunway Hotel. (RM190 for double room, but discounted to RM150 due to government rate. Hehe ... Ain't we the lucky bunch?)

View from my room's windows

Yup, we carried more than enough for migration ....

Somehow, Psycho's music played in my mind while bathing ...
A four stars hotel, Sunway management did not disappoint. The room was spacious, spick and span, with cable TV (ASTRO), fridge, iron+board, and all the necessities a room should provide. But, what's attractive is the location of the hotel, right in the heart of Georgetown, a stone's throw away from Komtar, and come evening, a dazzling array of hawker food is available outside of the hotel, on New Lane.

Sparkling array of stalls selling every kind of Penang's famous hawker fare

After a satisfying dinner at Gurney Plaza, (more on that later), me and Mum could only manage a light supper. This sweet soup (tong sui) stall is one of the better ones around, serving only a few types, but the authenticity and taste of the homemade boiled desserts are worth a mention or two.

See Koay Th'ng (RM2)

Both me and Mum ordered See Koay Th'ng, a combination of 4 ingredients, namely ginkgo nuts, red beans, lotus seeds (lin zhi), and lily bulbs (pak hup). Can be served hot, or cold. The night was warm, thus we chose the iced version, and pleasantly delighted by the refreshing dessert.

Pork + Chicken Satay (Pork 80cents, Chicken 60cents)

For something to munch on, or to fill the stomach, the variety of hawker food is endless. From Seafood Char Koay Kak to Char Kuey Teow, Grilled Chicken Wings to Kuey Teow Th'ng, making decisions may be a chore. But be warned, not ALL of the food served is yummy. The popiah was too wet for my liking, while the seafood char koay was so-so, but a bit pricey.

We ordered chicken and pork satay from a stall next to the tong sui stall. Nicely marinated, I prefer the pork satay, for they were less tough, and rather succulent. The grilled meat fortunately was not of the fatty kind, and mostly lean meat was served.

Peh Koay Th'ng (Ginkgo) RM2

I ordered another bowl of the sweet delight, filled with sweet ginkgo nuts. Very nutritious (?) and appeased my sweet tooth.

Lean Chi Th'ng (RM2)

Mum chose the one with only lotus seeds instead. As expected, flawless.

Location : New Lane, off Jalan Macalister (Macalister Road). Pretty easy to locate, from Komtar just follow the road signs to Jalan Macalister. Right after passing a few shops on your left, you'll notice New Lane on your left, and easier to locate at night as the stalls are rather visible from the main road.


SuwEi said...

Congrats!So fast reach ur 100th post aredi.Faster than me even.Not bad huh! Keep it up with ur food reviews!

Anonymous said...

YEAH... Congratulations... Good job, MOTORMOUTH!! haha.. keep up the good work ya.. ^_^

Jackson said...

i think i been to this place...hehe..good hawker food

J2Kfm said...

csuwei & kca : gee, thanks gals!
din expect to hear that. haha ...

jackson : c'mon, where else you havent been huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100th post :D

J2Kfm said...

thanks, jason ...

gill gill said...

The Almond Soup is the populars item from that Thong Sui Stall. It used to be good last time when the Fat Onwer still manage to cook the almond himself. unfortunately, his son in-law take over his place after he get joint paint。...too bad, quality drops like playing bunjee jump, You dunno what you gonna get next.....haaaa.

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