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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Gerik-Pengkalan Hulu Trail (Pt 1)

Finally some well-deserved time to myself, after a hectic week, travelling to Gerik-Pengkalan Hulu on Mon/Tues, then Taiping/Kamunting/Selama on Wed/Thurs, followed by former colleagues' (yeah, BOTH of them were) wedding marathon on Fri-Sat, eventually culminating into a marvellous wedding dinner at Sun Lee How Fook yesterday night. But more on that later. For now, let's do some backtracking, k? ;)

Gerik town ... Everday is a winding road ?

Gerik is a town roughly 150km north of Ipoh. Fortunately, the access path has been well-developed, so rest your worries on bumpy, mountain roads peppered with curves more than Angelina Jolie could ever wished for. Hehe ... =P
Exiting from Kuala Kangsar toll using the PLUS highway, you'll notice Gerik (Timur) on the signboards. Trudge along, and you'll passed by scenic views of the rural area, various kampungs, and even Lenggong, which is famous for its fishballs, and wan tan mee.

Our lodge for the night, upstairs, NOT the Kedai Keropok ...

We stayed at Hotel Avana. Yup, NOT the famed Awana, but a slight variation. But who cares? Where else can you find a room with TWO queen-sized beds, clean, with air-conditioning and hot shower, all for only RM60. Yup, a room for FOUR, but pay for the price of ONE. (Haha, I didn't get paid for this, in case you're wondering)

Most buildings in Gerik were built with 3 or more storeys.

View from our balcony after office hours. KL-ites would KILL for this ...

Unpretentious warung, manned by a makcik and her son, making a living ...

Though initially we planned for lunch at Lenggong, somehow KYT threw a spanner in the works. LOL. Once checked in, my stomach grumbled and my food radar was put to test. A short walk from our hotel is this stall, by the roadside at an empty parking lot. The throngs of customers stopping by sent positive signals, and needless to say, I warped there in an instant.

Looks and shapes do not matter,right?

The lady was selling fried goods, ranging from tapioca balls to banana fritters, and various other stuff. I placed my order for RM1 worth of banana fritters (comes in 6 pcs) and RM1 for another 3 fried tapioca balls.

Crunchy, sweet, and soft-centred tapioca balls

I was digging at my packet of 'treasures' while walking back to my room, and pleasantly delighted by the yumminess of the tapioca balls. The batter was crispy and fragrant, not really oily, while the tapioca was soft and sweet. The banana fritters though looked a tad ugly, but who cares? They were fresh from the wok, very hot and crispy. But I've had better ones.

Location : At a parking lot in the middle of Jalan Takong Datok, the 3rd road parallel to the main road in Gerik. This stall is next to a burger stall.

Still nursing the drumming hunger pangs, MBoy recommended one of his favourite mamak shop in Gerik. (MBoy, Zmin, and a few others are working there, btw) Restoran Thaibah is situated on Jalan Tun Saban, the 2nd road parallel to the main road.

Nothing beats frothy, milky teh tarik (RM1.30) for tea time. I'm a caffeine addict myself, probably possessing trails of my late grandfather's genes. He could drink mugs after mugs of milk tea, chugging them like beer. =)

Roti canai with Sambal Dhal (RM0.80)

The roti canai should be paired with their sambal dhal, or so I was told. Normally, I prefer curry, but decided to trust others for once. The roti is nothing to shout about, but the sambal was piquant, slightly spicy, but too salty for my liking. Though the combination of dhal with anything works, as dhal on its own is pretty tasteless. Except Kalai's, which I adore whole-heartedly. =)

Location : Jalan Tun Saban, the 2nd road parallel to main road. Turn right once you arrive at the traffic lights with Shell petrol station. Take the first turning on the left, and go until nearly the end of the road. Restoran Thaibah is on your left.

(to be continued .... )

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Anonymous said...

wa, before tat i tot GRIK is a very ulu place.. hehe.. i was WRONG.. juz like KAMPAR town... quite peaceful... :)

Hulk said...

Tot it was a sleepy town. If I'm not mistaken it has its food specialty. Was it at Lenggong fame for its freshwater fish..??

J2Kfm said...

kca : yeah, the buildings are quite tall, and the row of shops certainly mirror Kampar's. But fewer, of course.

hulk : Not exactly sleepy ... That was my first impression before visiting Gerik though. Yeah, Lenggong famed for freshwater fish

Elin Chia said...

I love those tapioca office canteen used to sell them @ RM0.50 each. Inside they have the fresh grated coconut.and sugar. Very yummY...:( they dun sell anymore.

Min said...

Thaibah is one of our favourite choices for breakfast. I like their dhal sambal, but have stopped taking their teh tarik. It's too sweet, although I told them I want kurang manis...

New Kid on the Blog said...

Is this Gerik same with the other Grik some where near Kelantan or Kedah??
The place where you need to pass by if you're going to east coast.

J2Kfm said...

elinluv : yeah! a stall outside my hz is selling these delicacies as well. very nice, great for tea time.

min : mamak shop's teh tarik is either too sweet, or tasteless. :)

NKOTB : Yeah. the real spelling is GERIK. It's on the way to Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

hang nadim said...

sir...nice blog, thanks for femeskan my home town

Peter said...

Hi there,

Would you know the tel contact number for the Avana Hotel?