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Motormouth From Ipoh

Monday, June 16, 2008

Taiping Getaway (Part 2)

( .... continued from Part 1)

Legend Inn, Taiping - Where we crashed for the night ...
Just got back from KL. Needless to say, the trip automatically "transformed" into a mini food tour, though my real intention of the journey involved formal duty. Hehe ... Really one .... =P

Back to my Taiping post, there are a few hotels in Taiping worth a stay, and they charge reasonably as well. Few weeks back, we stayed at Kama Lodge, near Lake Garden and Maxwell Hill, a chalet type of resort, but slightly pricier. (pics of the place later). This time around, we chose Legend Inn, in town area, which is cheaper (Deluxe = RM93, Superior = RM113, Jr Suite = RM155). We tried our luck with the suite, but unfortunately, they were fully booked. Hmm ... And who says nobody holidays in Taiping?!!

The room was clean, (not the carpet though) and fully furnished, with cable TV available. I got the double bed, while poor KYT managed to grasp a single one. Muahaha ... Ratio proportionate to body size ma .... Advantage of a glutton? LOL.

View from our room ...

Though situated facing a mosque, we were spared of our worries of early morning awakenings by prayers, as we believe the mosque is only used during Friday prayers. After we were done with our work for the day, we took a well-deserved nap (hehe, typical of us) right until .... DINNERTIME !!!! Slurp ....... =P

Location : Legend Inn @ No 2, Jalan Long Jaafar, 34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. Tel : 605-8060000. For more information, click HERE.

Fancy dining, al fresco style?

We drove to a food court situated near Lake Garden (Taman Tasik); a popular spot for joggers, family outings, lovers' embraces (oopps ...) etc.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (RM2.50)

In order to fully utilise our bowel space, we scanned the whole area, and estimated the amount of food to be ordered, so we could try as much as possible, without wasting a single strand of noodle. Hehehe ....

I had the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Rolls) with Char Siew and Shrimp. Simple, but forgettable. Definitely not on par with some of Ipoh's superb offerings. But the sambal was spicy enough to warrant for attention.

Pork Meat Noodle in Salted Vegetable Soup (RM4)

KYT picked something even lighter, minced pork meat noodles in salted vegetable soup. The stall also offers other choices such as bitter gourd soup, etc. Strangely, though I was half-expecting him to whine and criticize his bowl of unassuming noodles, he was throwing praises, and seemed to enjoy his meal very much. Erm, don't judge the bowl by its colour? ;)

Seafood Char Koay Kak (RM4)

Still hungering for more, we eyed the Seafood Char Koay Kak stall, whereby the uncle was frying non-stop, indicator of flourishing business, equivalent to good food?

On closer inspection, he offers Char Koay Kak (fried rice cakes?) with a twist, ingredients such as prawns, squids and mantis prawns (!) can be added as you please. However, he ran out of mantis prawns (sigh ...) on that night, so only squids and prawns. Fried with enough 'wok hei' and fiery from chilli sauce added, the dish was delicious, and the shrimps and squids played a major role in my positive verdict.

Penang Lor Bak (RM5.20 for 4 pcs)

One stall was brightly lit, with colourful and tantalizing array of fried stuff (Lor Bak) on display, tempting even the most picky of eaters (ie : KYT .... sorry, can't help it =P). Prices are slighty steep, compared to the ones from Penang, but the pieces were bigger, and more varieties on offer. The accompanying sauce complemented the fragrant deep-fried pieces well.

After that heavy dinner, we had to skip supper. In fact, we were at lost on where else to search for good grub, forcing us to retire early, and prepare for a long, long day ahead ....

(to be continued ... )


HairyBerry said...

wah, the fried rice cake looks good. tried the hokkien mee style before but not the char kway teow style...waliao eh! got mantis prawns somemore..hehehe...

Precious Pea said...

Food still cheap in Taiping hor? I think now have to save money, go less overseas trip and explore small towns instead. The chee cheong fun looks so smooth and delicious.

CK Lam said...

Interesting...minced pork meat noodles in salted vegetable soup is something new and I have not come across in Penang...only had this version with fish meat.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

u can nvr go dwn to kl n not eat..just doesnt sound rite..

New Kid on the Blog said...

i'm with ck lam... have never seen this in penang so far. if it's in penang, am sure penang food blogger will blog about it already. :)

J2Kfm said...

nic : yeah, but typical of char koay kak right? in Penang it's very popular.

precious pea : yeah, the drinks at the place are cheap as well, iced milk tea only RM1.10 if I remember correctly.

CK Lam : in Ipoh, normally the pork noodle is cooked with clear broth that's been boiled with bones and parts of the animal.

Joe : yeah, I guess that's very true, especially to floggers!

NKOTB : yeah, I've never seen this in Penang either.

Tummythoz said...

More more more please on Taiping food. Forsee a compulsory trip in Jul & I always have problem finding food there. =(

Hey, good to meet you. The drop off service is really small matter. 2 boxes of kayakok & taufufah will do. Mauahahaha.

J2Kfm said...

tummythoz : no problem! Taiping food crawl will have to make way, as this month slightly over-travelled ... hehe ...

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