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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sin Fonzie Cafe @ Greentown, Ipoh

Just dragged my own carcass back from the God-forsaken place. Nah ... Not really that bad, in fact, a lot of surprises in store. But more on that in later posts. For now, savour some older photos stashed away in my PC. (Btw, am I GLAD that June's finally coming an end. Curtain call for I believe, one of the most hectic month throughout my tenure in this current workplace of mine!)

Sin Fonzie Cafe ... somehow, "Kedai Kopi" does not fit as a moniker for such a cafe, huh?

Passed by this outlet countless times, but never cared to step in. Right until I read the positive reviews from Dine and Health sometime back. OK, why not?

Comfy setting, with air-cond and fans

Mum had visited this place before, with my 2 grannies, and the feedback was on the sunny side. Oh, they're somewhat a bunch of foodies themselves, better trust their palates. =P

Don't be deterred by the seemingly exorbitant prices. There are value sets as well.

The Dim Sum range

Xiu Long Bao (RM3.60)

Sin Fonzie serves Chinese dishes, whereby you can have them with rice, or noodles. Their specialty are the claypot varieties, extensive I'd say. Other than main dishes, the snacks are an impressive lot themselves, consisting of dim sum, pancakes and such.

The Xiu Long Bao comes in a basket of 3, typical dim sum style. Quite a steal at RM1.20 each, compared to Dragon-i's, Crystal Jade's and Din Tai Fung's. But of course, you can't really compare an apple to an orange. (Wait, somehow this phrase was overused during the petrol price hike, was this not? =P). Tastewise? Not impressive, too little soup packed inside. But the fillings of pork+shrimp worked wonders.

Spiky hedgehog/porcupine pau (RM1.80 each)

These cute little buns are a marvellous creation of the chef, incorporating dragonfruit, egg yolk (I suspect) and butter (nai yao). Correct me if I'm wrong, as the filling and taste is not distinctive of any particular flavour. Slightly sweet, and savoury, the skin is soft, fluffy and does not stick to your teeth kind. Try them, for their novelty and aestheric values, no less.

Hedgehog ... butchered in half. Muahaha ...

Rice with Deep Fried Fish (RM9)

Bro's claypot deep fried fish in simple soy sauce, and shallot oil was very fragrant (from the oil and garlic), and the fish fried to perfection. Crisp on the outer layer, and soft and sweet flesh. Though a bit on the dry side, you may consider ordering some soup to drench your white rice.

Claypot Noodles with Prawns (RM8.80 per set)

The set meal consist of a main dish and a drink. Dad commented that his noodles with prawns was delicious, the soup stock being flavourful, and the noodles is different from the ones normally served, akin to ramen with its springy/QQ texture.

Claypot chicken and salted fish rice (RM8.80 per set)

Mum and grandma shared a pot of rice with chicken and salted fish. Good choice, as the rice was fragrant, tasty, and the gravy not overly salty. I myself am NOT a fan of claypot chicken rice, especially the tragedy that was K10 (read it HERE), but the one served here is pretty good.

Spring Onion Pancake (RM3)

The boss is a chatty fellow, providing recommendations and patiently watched me snapped some photos (kinda paiseh, as I doubt he'd believe a reviewer would use a mere handphone), all the while anticipating feedback. He introduced us to this Chinese style pancake, served with chilli sauce. Thin, and chewy, with spring onions (scallions' the real name I think), dried shrimps, and etc. Yummy, albeit slightly oily.

Claypot Tang Hoon (Glass Noodles) with Seafood (RM8.80 per set)

My pot of tang hoon with seafood looked unappetizing and unassuming at first glance, however, one spoonful (it's kinda hard to eat this with mere chopsticks, mind you) and you'll be delighted at the sweetness of the broth, infused with seafood goodness, and the smooth tang hoon slithing down your throat. Portion's a little big, so be ready to share if you're a small eater.

Zhung Zai Fan ( Small pot Chicken Rice) RM7

Indeed, their signature dish, WAY back before they renovated the whole shop, is this simple dish, named Small Pot Chicken Rice (literally translated from its original moniker, Zhung Zai Fan). Mushrooms, waxed sausages and chicken, steamed with rice in special gravy. One word : Delicious. Simple enough, but craves for attention. Serving's small, therefore no worries if you're on a strict diet.

In case you're lost, look for these friends, pasted on the glass door.

Bill came to RM61 for 5 of us. A decent meal, in a comfortable environment. Parking's a breeze if you come in the evening. During lunch hour, you can only hope and pray for a space nearby, as this is located right smack in the middle of Greentown, normally buzzing with activities. But remember, a short walk is always a good solution to that spare tyre crisis. =)

Location : 53, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Ipoh. Specifically, this row of shop is beside Excelsior Hotel. Other hotspots nearby include Ipoh Parade Shopping Complex, Oversea Seafood Restaurant, and Syuen Hotel.


Kent Fo said...

i want porcupine pau !!!! so cute!!!


Ciki said...

is this like fonzie.. as in the FONZ in Happy Days?! lol.. so cute the name. Yea, the meals look high end la.. how much are the sets? I would like the try that sweet savory porcupine.. looks different !

CK Lam said...

Nowadays hardly heard of a restaurant serving Spring Onion Pancake...worth trying this simple dish.

J2Kfm said...

kent : haha, yeah, imagine biting into those wonders. cannibalistic!

Cumi & Ciki : sets are RM8.80 per pax only. the noodles with HUGE prawns are slightly pricey, at RM28 each. Other dishes are reasonably priced.

ck lam : yeah, simple yet it works. got preserved vege also, if i'm not wrong

Hulk said...

Actually..its near my old office. I used to eat there & luv the steam rice offerings back then when they were still old selfs (prior reno). I hardly go since after thier renovation with new look as my other collegue commented the previous owner sold thier business & teh fame steam rice is no longer nice. The pricey menu deter any of us from frequenting the outlet like we used to. Anyway..the place looks deserted during lunch.
I could perhaps suggest u to try the ice cream potong sold by the bike man station at the the corner reflexology outlet building near round-about. Outstation cars stop by & packed the ice cream in dozens.

J2Kfm said...

hulk : oh really? thanks for informing, but I thought its the same old guy. the place is pretty packed come dinner time though.
aiskrim potong? not really a fan, but will give it a try if I happen to drop by.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been there yet since they refurbish the place. I recall their food were quite nice since my college days.

J2Kfm said...

jason : college days? hehe, been that long? =P

Anonymous said...

J2kfm wan to inform u sinfonzie had 1 branch at Pasir Puteh. Opposite of pasir puteh market. (add : 231 Jalan Pasir Puteh, Pasir Puteh.)Morning is fully sale dim sam, lunch economy meal and dinner is fully claypot meal. Now having opening promotion too.

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It is an awesome place, the food and the service are excellent, I recently moved from city, I'm sure going to miss this place.

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