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Motormouth From Ipoh

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sawasdee-Krub on the 6th Day of CNY? (Koh Samui Restaurant @ Ipoh)

It's been more than a week since I last worked (rotted) in my office. =) Hmm .... holidays are soooooo rejuvenating, not to mention deteriorating to the human mind ..... LOL.

Koh Samui Restaurant @ Jln Raja Ekram, Ipoh

Continuation from my Capati and Mee Rebus post, here's some Thai food for a change, if you're wondering what else to eat in Ipoh, aside from the street food and Chinese 'dai chow' restaurants.

Very clean, well-maintained, and spacious ambience ... though this outlet has been around for more than 10 yrs, if I recall correctly!
Koh Samui restaurant has 2 outlets in Ipoh. One near Greentown (Jln Raja Ekram) and another right behind Jusco, Kinta City. And its history runs deep, well more than a decade of serving Thai dishes, as authentic as one can get in Ipoh.

Khao Op Sapparod aka Pineapple Fried Rice (Small : RM7.80)
For your information, Koh Samui is a HALAL outlet, with the JAKIM certification. Another option in case you're dining with Malay colleagues.
The menu's rather extensive, covering almost every Thai dishes imaginable, from chicken to beef to seafood cooked in a variety of ways. For singleton, or small eaters, they have fried rice and noodles as well, but bear in mind the 'small' serving's anything but small.
We had a small serving of pineapple fried rice, and was astounded by the sheer volume served, albeit NOT in a hollowed pineapple. That's for the LARGE serving. Those crispy flakes atop the yellow-hued rice were fried cuttlefish pieces, rendering the fluffy rice an alternative bite. But I'm not accustomed to pineapple fried rice this way, the spices tasted suspiciously like BBQ powder, and lacking the sweetness of the pineapple. But still, a good company to the other dishes served.

Kai Gaeng Panaeng aka Dry Curry Chicken (RM9.80)
They serve curry in 3 ways; the Thai green curry, red curry and dry curry. With malicious intention to burn my tongue, I chose the dry curry chicken. The thick, rich, & luscious gravy is perfect with white rice (we didnt order that though), but far from spicy though. Would appreciate it more if they kick it up a notch.
Neur Phat Kee Mao aka Stir-fried Beef with Long Beans, Chilli and Basil leaves (RM9.80)
The stir-fried beef was delicious as well. Simple dish, akin to Chinese-style of cooking, with lots of basil-infused aroma, exactly like how the Thais like their stir-fried dishes. But may be off-putting for those not in favour of basil leaves in their dishes. Not spicy as well. Hmm.

Thab Thim Krob aka THE Thai dessert. LOL. (RM4)
Crunchy chestnuts with jackfruit strips, in coconut milk with ice. Not shaved ice though, BIG chunks of ice cubes were served. Initially ordered to douse the fire .... but instead, the fireman sirens weren't blaring. Hmmm.
All in all, a rather nice place for family dinner, or a simple lunch with colleagues on working days.
Location : KOH SAMUI RESTAURANT @ 83 & 85, Jalan Raja Ekram, 30450 Ipoh, Perak. Tel No : 605-255 6608. Opens daily from 11.30am-3.00pm, and 6.30pm-10.30pm. Got MAP !!!


Anonymous said...

Good thing the fire brigade wasn't needed! LOL

But I do love my Thai food ultra-spicy... ;)

Anonymous said...

Sawasdee ka?? haha.. geng wo.. can speak thai.. =P
hmmm... long time never been here liao..
the dry curry chicken looked yummy..
Thab thim Krob... haha.. how to pronounce it??

Anonymous said...

Sawasdee ka?? haha.. geng wo.. can speak thai.. =P
hmmm... long time never been here liao..
the dry curry chicken looked yummy..
Thab thim Krob... haha.. how to pronounce it??

Little Inbox said...

I aim for Thab Thim Krob everytime I dine in Thai food restaurant. Lemak, fragrant, and yummy!

adeL said...

Oh yes, KOH SAMUI!!! We patronise this Thai outlet in Ipoh for quite a number of times. Our staple from Koh Samui are Pineappple Rice, Pandan Chicken, Mango Juice and the rest would depend on the recommendations by the owner. She is a very nice lady boss. I love the reasonable price, good authentic Thai food and the rewarding portion.It is the best Thai food I have had outisde Thailand :)
Thank you for this reliving of my memories in Ipoh!
Gong Hey Fatt Choy!

Rebecca Saw said...

wahhh..ard for soooo many yrs?? All things long long and old old in Ipoh huh? ;p

minchow said...

A good Thai meal always fix my holiday-coming-to-an-end blues! But part of the charm for me is the nose running and the eyes bulging from the heat. Can't fathom the use of ice cubes instead of shaved ice in Thab Thim Grob... are we supposed to let it melt in front of us so the entire bowl is thoroughly chilled?

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hmmm... am aint any Thai food fan. :(

ahlock said...

Been there once to celebrate a colleague's birthday. Enjoyed the ambience and food.

Selba said...

Yuummm... that must be totally "aroi mak mak" :)

Love Thai.. Love Thai food... Love everything about Thai, hehehe...

Duckie said...

i like the dessert the best!!! yummy!!!

FooDcrazEE said...

hey! happy CNY. just happen to find ur blog. . . great job. . . .keep it up . . . . .

a lot of iterestng makan place

choi yen said...

Halal Thai food, hmm... I prefer pork Thai dishes ler, hehe ^.^

J2Kfm said...

Life For Beginners : eh, me too. that's just life. torture=pleasure sometimes. :)

KCA : aiya, you're half Thai what, rmbr? :)

Little Inbox : eh me too lah! but strangely it's not that easy to find in Bangkok. hmmm ... or i could be looking at the wrongplaces.

adeL : oh you're not in Ipoh anymore? yeah, i'll have to agree on the big portion and cheap price part. this is as good as Ipoh's thai food can get, bar the one in Bercham which I prefer.

thenomadGourmand : hahaha, yeah. seldom see new ones sprouting up after all these yrs. but this is Ipoh mah ...

550ml jar of faith : i dunno. i couldnt wait for it to melt, hence finished half a bowl b4 my mains arrrived.

NKOTB : aw, y no lurve for Thai food? :(

ahlock : yup, the place looks decent enough for a celebration, or company dinner.

Selba : oh i second that! whatever aroi mak mak is ... :)

Duckie : yeah, but the mains aint too shabby either.

Foodcrazee : hi, welcome to my blog. :) do drop by often.

mimid3vils : so true. but kinda hard to get in restaurants here. the hawker one got, in Bercham. pork hand somemore.

Selba said...

Aroi means delicious in Thai...

and Aroi mak mak... very very delicious, hehehe...

Ciki said...

ooo.. my next post is thai too.. hehe.. it must be a sign :D

erm.. cheaper in ipoh.. for sure...

Anonymous said...

Not spicy!? How can!?
*imagining self to ask them add extra spicy to every dish*

J2Kfm said...

Selba : oh ... no wonder there's this restaurant Ahroy Thai or something. hahah ..thanks

Cumi & Ciki : hahaha, one tends to itch and go for other cuisines, once Chinese food's been served day in day out, right?

jason : erm, before lips get burnt like sausages, ahahahha ..... better not EXTRA spicy. a bit bit extra nvm.

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