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Motormouth From Ipoh

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Mid-CNY Post - How 'bout some Capati & Mee Rebus Ramli instead?

This year's CNY celebration may be slightly on the sombre mood, what's more with blatant intrusion of human rights (aka killing without mercy) over at the Mid-East & the economic turmoil that's looming over our helpless heads. But still, there's always a silver lining somewhere on the horizon, I believe ....

Birch Memorial Clock Tower @ Old Town, Ipoh

For those celebrating the festive season, I highly doubt any has yet to 'Lou Sang', or stuffed their faces full with either extravagant (read : exorbitant) Chinese dishes at the restaurants, homecooked fare, or even hawker food (prices a tad inflated, no less).

Fluffy capati and milky teh tarik @ Medan Selera Dato Sagor
What if you're 'trapped' in Ipoh, for a week or more this CNY holidays, and slowly (but surely) starting to get sick of Chinese food? No brickbats, please!!
Still reeling from all the indulging, here's a short post on simple Indian and Malay food in Ipoh. Which, by the way, was what I ate on the same day, last week.
Medan Selera Dato Sagor is a very famous place for halal food under one roof, housing more than 15 stalls (at least) selling a variety of nasi campur, nasi lemak, every type of mee imaginable, roti and kuih, as well as Indian food. Located in Old Town area of Ipoh, right behind the Ipoh town hall, the food court like diner occupies a rather spacious lot, next to the Birch Memorial Clock Tower. Come join the crowd for breakfast, and treat yourself to a cup of teh tarik, or kopi-o kau, accompanied by either a capati, roti bakar with half-boiled eggs, or nasi lemak.
Location : Medan Selera Dato Sagor @ Jalan Dato Sagor, 30000 Ipoh, Perak. Got MAP!!! (From Ipoh Utara PLUS highway exit, using Jln Kuala Kangsar).

Mee Rebus Ramli @ Jln Kuala Kangsar, Tmn Tasek Jaya, Ipoh
As for lunch, since we were on a roll, we opted for Malay food instead for lunch. The hype surrounding Mee Rebus Ramli was evident, ever since they started business some years ago, now they have 3 branches all over Ipoh (do correct me if I'm wrong, ok?).
With a name like that, surely you don't need hint as to what's their signature item is. The safest choice? Mee Rebus.

A satisfying bowl of Mee Rebus at RM3.50.
With those luscious thick gravy that's slightly spicy, and sweet, accentuated by the tangy lime squeezed DIY, and brimming full with ingredients such as the compulsory potatoes, chopped green chillies, spring onions, yummy fritters, and of course, ONE whole egg sliced into pieces.
All for a mere RM3.50. If you're thinking ... nah, just another Mee Rebus/Mee Jawa clone, you're half right, half wrong. Yup, it looks like another run-of-the-mill Mee Rebus, albeit served in a bowl, but tastewise, it's gotta be one of the better ones around. Even the yellow noodles did not contain the annoying/repulsive alkaline taste.
Do ask for the fritters to be served separately, as they tend to get soggy very fast. Or better yet, ask for EXTRAS. They're good when crunchy and dunked into the gravy. Slurp them up!!!
Btw, their Nasi Ayam is delicious as well, though white rice is served. At RM4.20 per plate, you get a generous chunk of chicken, with their killer chilli sauce and gravy combination. Plus a bowl of soup. Other items include chicken/lamb chops, laksa, etc.

Location : Mee Rebus Ramli @ 767, Taman Tasek Jaya, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. Tel No : 605-547 2026. Opens daily from morning til night. Got MAP !!!
Now, let me retract back to my nest and hibernate for the remaining week ...... Holidays are no doubt, god-sent. Happy Chinese New Year !!!


Selba said...

Why do they call it as Mee Rebus Ramli? Is it because the owner's name is Ramli? A partner in my office name is Ramli, hehehe...

minchow said...

Too true... choosing to eat out Chinese during this season is akin to granting the licence for food operators to serve us rubbish AND shock us with daylight robbery prices, no T&Cs need apply. Mee rebus looks good... have they got outlets in KL or Penang?

ahlock said...

Capati and mee rebus? On CNY? Why, why not write on the best yee sang in town? My personal favourite yee sang, the best I've ever tasted, is non other than Assam House in Greentown.

Rebecca Saw said...

yes yes yes..muz hv WHOLE egg w my mee rebus too! Guess its as good as the Si tualang one?

CRIZ LAI said...

Oopss... I forgot to mention to my readers that for 3 years consecutively, my family had mutton curry, beef rendang, ayam masak merah, pickled cucumber and pineapple and tomato rice for reunion. In fact, we also had roti jala with pandan curry chicken for other relatives' reunion too. We all got sick of having Chinese food.. haha :P

Anonymous said...

"Trapped in Ipoh"? Oh how I wish that was the case... it'd be a nice change for my whole family reunion dinner to have had shanghaied to Ipoh instead of the usual Malaccan fare... :P

choi yen said...

Capati for CNY post, hehe ^.^

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

fatboybakes said...

wah, so kun lek, chor yee oridi got post!!!! that mee rebus looks good enough to be licked off the screen....darn...GXFC young man.

cariso said...

This mee rebus really looks good & not so *oily*! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah.. agree.. Mee Rebus and Nasi Ayam here are nice..
err.. go there early morning to try their Nasi Lemak la.. very laku one.. so, only reserve for those 'early birds'.. =P

J2Kfm said...

Selba : hmm, a point to ponder. but i guess the owner's Ramli though. or probably something along the line.

550ml jar of faith : as of now, no outlet yet. but cant guarantee for the future. :)

ah lock : Assam House yee sang good ah? last yr's CNY we went there for lunch. the food was ok ok only.

thenomadGourmand : WHICH si Tualang?!!! hehe, I seldom opt for mee rebus/jawa, hence the ignorance.

Criz Lai : really?! meaning to say, u all cooked them in ur hz?!

Life for Beginners: hmm, what's so bad about Malaccan fare leh? I'm thinking Nyonya food .... slurp!

mimid3vils : yeah, it's off the point, but who cares?! :)

FBB : rajin eh? hahaha .... cant be bothered to go bai nin so early in the morn, i guess.

cariso : it's not oilt at all, really. thick n creamy more like it.

KCA : got nasi lemak? bungkus one or the served one? i like them lah! but how to go so early, need to work mah.hahaha

Anonymous said...

yeah, Ramli Mee Rebus were delicious though. Hard to comes by anything better

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