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Monday, January 19, 2009

Melaka - Durian Cendol @ Jonker 88 & Largest Pineapple Tart in Malaysia?!

YES !!! Another 7 days to CNY !!! To kick off the 7 days countdown, here's something sweet (again?!) to tempt your tastebuds ..... all the way from Melaka !!!!
A sense of festivity already in the air ....

Notice the grave for a prominent warrior WAY back then? Hang Jebat's the name.
For a brief introduction of Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), here's an article. A stroll around the streets will bring back memories of days of yore, .... not to mention heatstroke, if you're not careful. =P
Feeling dehydrated? Here's the perfect antidote ....
Jonker 88 Desserts @ Jln Hang Jebat
Right smack in the middle of Jonker Street, this outlet selling various type of desserts (mostly ais kacang and cendol in various forms) and some savoury options eg. laksa, is a popular spot amongst the tourists.
Sitting on those wooden benches, surrounded by antiques, ornaments from yesteryears, and a charmingly ancient ambience

Cendol with Gula Melaka

Being a generally skeptical 'cendol' fan, after countless unimpressive experiences, I find the cendol here a tad, ordinary. But what sets this apart from the other imitators (so to speak) is the gula melaka (palm sugar syrup) being drizzled liberately on the surface of the shaved ice.
Very thick, sweet, and prominent, the gula melaka is overwhelmingly delightful, shadowing the lacklustre strips of cendol and red beans.
Wondering if those are valuables ... or nothings.
Durian Cendol
Or indulge in a bowl of sinful Durian Cendol, with the same ingredients as the original one, but with additional durian puree. If only they had thrown in real durian flesh, then the bowl of cendol would be heavenly. A tad artificial, and strictly for durian-lovers only.
Location : JONKER DESSERT @ 88, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka. Here's their official site.

LW Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House - 4 branches in Melaka alone
Wondering what to buy back as souvenirs? Or craving for a bite to ease the journey back home? Try Melaka's pineapple tarts, for good measure.
Notice the LARGE tart on the top-left corner? It's even listed in Malaysia's Book of Records!
Previously, I've had a rather dismaying experience with pineapple tarts from Melaka. Another outlet (won't name it though, to avoid defamatory suits .... LOL) situated around the area was a household name in producing those sweet, delectable delights.
But lo and behold, the end products were nothing like the fresh ones promoted as samples to fish for potential buyers. Hard and tasteless, we left the boxes of tarts unattended until the next spring cleaning session.
Fast forward a few years .... and I found myself standing at LW, an even more famous joint, with 4 outlets in Melaka alone. Actually, the hugea$$ tart on display kinda attracted my attention. Then realised the other branches also displayed the same gigantic replica, a feat that's rather astounding. And no, it's NOT made from plastic, but do refrain from taking a bite, as it seems that the giant tart has been lacquered, to prevent crumbling and naughty hands. =)
Tastewise; not bad. Not the most out-of-this-world pineapple tarts I've tasted (I'm a fan of a homemade one, that's perfectly crumbly, with strong buttery pastries, and REAL pineapple jam .... cannot disclose the location/contact, sorry!)
Location : LW Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House @ 95, Jalan Kubu. 75350 Melaka
Three branches at : 41-A-1, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75300 Melaka, 86, Jalan Tokong (Jonker Walk) 75200 Melaka, and 62 Jalan Tokong, 75200 Melaka.


Selba said...

Nice pictures... it feels like being in different era...

Cendol with red bean? sounds yummy.. especially when there's also durian :)

Anonymous said...

How would naming and shaming mickey mouse eateries and rip-off food lead to defamatory suits? As a consumer, you have the right to voice your opinion. After all, you paid your OWN money for your food unlike those 'reporters' who get showered with loads of freebies (and probably a BJ). There is no point writing about places to eat if you aren't going to warn your readers about which place (in your opinion) people should avoid.

In all honesty, don't need to be so polite - if its shit, say its shit. Don't need people to have to read between the lines la ok!

adeL said...

Yes, I fully agree with homemade pineapple tarts. Avoid the mass produced and plastic looking ones at all cause. When I was in Singapore, there was a bakery that does ONLY pineapple tarts that sells them only from 11am - 5pm. It was just a few blocks away from my apt which is located in the midst of heritage buildings (baba & nyoya ones). For Singaporean reader, it is in Everton Park, near m'sian railway track (Tanjong Pagar). Due to my bad memory, I just couldn't remember the exact block, ask the nearby residents for clues ya..

Anonymous said...

I am a cendol fan and so far I find that this is one of the better ones around.

Duckie said...

better than penang cendol!! but i don't really like the pineapple tarts though

fatboybakes said...

waddaya mean if they threw in REAL durian flesh? you mean it wasnt real? what was it then?

Ciki said...

yea, i know what you mean about the tarts.. light taste and not too sweet.. however, no killer fresh pineapple essence either rite?

cariso said...

Wah, the pineapple tarts are freshly made for sale one keng!

J2Kfm said...

Selba : yeah, durian cendol's kinda normal here. other than cendol pulut.

genuiness : yeah indeed. but I sort of ... forgot the shop's name. =P (no) thanks to my aunt, who recommended the shop, which turned out to be tragic.

aDeL : thanks for the note.there's something diff bout homemade ones, with much TLC, and not in batches. and not skimping on the ingredients.

ck lam : seriously, I like Pg Road's cendol more. really.

Duckie : funny, but I find Pg's cendol better. but to each his own i guess.

FBB : nah. pureed, thick, and sweet, tasted too 'cordial-like'. but i;m sure there's 'some' durian in there.

cumi & ciki : yeahloh, lik,e generic jam only.

cariso : yeah, they bake in large batches, so one can be assured of the freshness. plus no preservatives some more.

Anonymous said...

Already getting a taste of CNY in Malacca Jonker Street's pineapple tarts - wonder what diff for those who eat it wholeyear round, look for F&N orange instead?

LS said...

Uh huh and you made me miss Malacca food!! Yuhoo~~ going back for CNY!! Happy Chinese New Year :)

Rebecca Saw said...

ehh..whre is this homemade -unable -to-disclose number or loc one??? nvrmd, send me an email! will share w no one.. LOL!